is homegrown weed better? Is it more potent?

Discussion in 'General' started by SativaBleu, Jun 28, 2017.

  1. I am looking to grow but wanted to know if it is for the quality and taste and for economic reasons that you guys grow or is the high even better too? what makes home grown weed better other than the reasons I mentioned?

    also if I grow one plant, (I have some somango XXL seeds) would it be extremely stinky to have it in my room?
    I will grow only one pot.
  2. I grew for the 1st time a few months ago, and I can honestly say that my homegrown is far better, tastier and smoother, than any MMJ that I have smoked. Maybe it's because we smaller growers take a lot more time with each individual plant, but IDK for sure. One test that I have done is grow an Acapulco Gold seed found in my MMJ, while saving some of the original AG..The nugs that were grown here far surpassed the store bought by a long stretch.
    As far as stink, yes it will be very stinky during flower..some strains more than others..
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  3. Not only have I fallen in love with the art of growing, but I fell in love with the quality I can produce, I make my own edibles and oils from my own plants. And the quality is significant better than bud around here. [​IMG]

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  4. looks smokilicious
  5. Growing is rewarding and not just for the pot. It's satisfying and can easily become a way of life. Nothing beats siitting in your grow room high watching your pot grow. Almost nothing.
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  6. Recently just smoked some homegrown and can say its some of the best smoke ive had in awhile.

    And, when i have the means to, i will definitely be growing on my own. Street/dispensery prices are just to damn expensive.

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  7. Damn man.


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  8. Thanks haha, you should see this next girl I'm harvesting at the end of July

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  9. Ok, Picture and salivation time, Here are one of the results of ONE section of my own last grow:
    Gorilla Wreck#4..:)
    This is a Sativa leaning strain and the nugs are more airy than the Indicas I grew along side!
    Only issue for me is picking the dog hairs out..(I have 3 dogs and hair is everywhere)
    Gorilla Wreck#4.jpg
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  10. We have a couple animals. Keep them out of the grow room and clean the heck out of it. My buddy has a cat he allows in his grow, I bring my own weed when I go too his house. Nasty
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  11. The main reason I personally think homegrown is better is because it's handled a lot less. Not getting moved around as much so less trichomes fall off leaving you with a more potent product. That's just my thought on it anyway. You also know exactly what your getting so that's always a plus.

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  12. Homegrown weed definitely has many advantages over bought / commercial herb. Herbzilla is definitely right about it being handled less making it better, but to us the biggest advantage of growing yourself is that you can decide which genetics you're growing. Many commercial growers use a strain that produces large yields, while many private / home growers simply want the best quality, regardless of quantity.

    And of course, homegrown cannabis gets tons of love from you that commercial plants don't :)
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  13. I know what you mean about dog hair. I only have one but he's a Bernese Mountain Dog/Great Pyrenees cross and hairy as fuck. It doesn't matter if he never went into the grow room, living with that dog gets hair on me and when I went into the room so did his hair. I saw what was happening when he was a puppy and it was too late to change dogs so I decided to not worry about hair and vacuum every single day. It's those very fine undercoat hairs that can seemingly fly thru walls that get everywhere.
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  14. I agree, but with 2 Australian Shepards and a Border Collie..Hair is all over the place.. Static Electricity in 10% Humidity + Shedding season and Uggggh.
    Aussies are like Velcro, and just have to be with you always..LOL
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  15. You guys are so mean with these beautiful pictures. I can't find any of those sativa beauties around here in Chicago
  16. Not found in N Nevada either..I ordered seeds and grew them! This year's May grow just before the final flush..
    Just use the GC search and search out Seedbank..:)
    5-24-17  Before the Flush.jpg
  17. Also a big part of growing is trying strains that aren't so local, I mean in NY I know the biggest seller is Sour Diesel, And here in Ontario Canada we seem to be big on the Girl Scout Cookies and white widows.

    I love trying new strains for flavor and high potential.

    Right now I got some grand daddy purp going about 3ish weeks left. And just added a flowering LED to fatten them up[​IMG]

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  18. Lmao I never let my pup in the grow room and I was just taking a picture and I see a hair on top of one of my nugs.

    Thankfully he doesn't shed too much as a shepsky

    You can see it on the bottom right lol[​IMG]

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  19. LMAO..That's a long ass hair...
    LMAO 2.gif

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