is HIGH-GRADE seeds of Toronto still in business?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by dilfweed, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. I have been trying to contact ANYONE at all at High-grade seeds about an order I placed. Their web-site states that they will send a mailing address within 24 hours after you submit an order. Well... it's been a week now, and 3 e-mail inquiries later and still nothing. :( Anyone ever have a phone number for them? They also say the answer all e-mails in 24 hours... so far no go on that front. My frustration is beginning to show just a bit and I'm about to say hell with them and go to another supplier. Any suggestions?:cool:

  2. hell with them and go to another supplier. ?:rolleyes:
  3. Seeds are seeds. Most important thing is to make sure the company is legit and their shipping practices. I've heard of people waiting weeks for 10 seeds.
  4. I'm actually in the process of ordering seeds from them, and have had no problems getting email responses within 24 hrs, in fact usually within a few hours. I would just use their email form on their site for questions, thats how i got a hold of him, here's a link to the form.
  5. A couple of days ago, in the Seed Banks forum, someone mentioned they were alive and well.
  6. Yeah HGS is still in business, I just got some stuff from them. Check your spam maybe for their replies. Or post something in their forums about it, and I am sure you will get a quick response. Good Luck!

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