Is he doing is wrong?

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    I've been studying growing marijuana and I was just trying to figure out if this guy fucked his plants all up.

    I noticed he said he removed all of his fan leaves and only left the "bud sites". Wouldn't this not only stunt the growth of your plants, but not allow the buds to reach their full potential? A little info on this might be helpful. I'm not going to follow his growing techniques I was just curious if he fucked his plants all up?

    Sorry about the youtube video I wasn't sure how to embed it properly :p
  2. In this video, he is demonstrating what you would do AFTER you are finished growing and starting the harvesting procedures. I can see you were confused about his plants missing all the fan leaves harming his grow but he is passed his grow stage and this is how he prepares them for harvest.
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    Edit: Whoops, need to get over my pet peeve of hating videos on the tablet. I answered based on your question but without watching it.

    In my relatively short time here I've learned... loads of pruning fan leaves, called lollipopping iirc is indeed a technique, but it's one with a lot of nay Sayers and haters even though some swear by it.

    Whether it is better or isn't, fuck if I know I'm way too noobie. The main point Pro lollipopping people bring up that I've seen is Anything green on the plant will do the needed photosynthesis and more light to bud sites = better. Hope it helps

  4. Makes sense. I was under the impression that the leaves themselves were needed for photosynthesis, that the leaves were needed to catch the sunlight like a solar panel of you will. Does anybody else have more information on "lollipopping"? Wouldn't that cause too much stress to the plant and hinder their growth?
  5. I don't remove any leaves until they die off in the last part of flowering, after you're no longer fertilizing (soil grow.) As long as they're green they're making energy for the plant so why cut them off?

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