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Is hashweed safe for starters?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by drewjonn, May 3, 2016.

  1. So, this is the only seller I can get for now and he just offered me something he called hashweed. Also that he mentioned that the effect would be pretty similar to kush. This is going to be my absolute FIRST, and something too strong might fuck me up pretty bad. Would someone please explain more about this hash thing and how does it do compared to usual weed, and also how bad would the effect be? Is it going to be considered a superior level of weed? Can I say that it is pretty mush as safe as normal cannabis? He mentioned that it was a mix between sativa and indica as well (legit or bullshit?)

    Here I attach a picture that he sent me about his product (not I'm not purchasing in USA and weed is highly illegal also very hard to obtain in my country)


    Does this look legit?
  2. From what i've heard, that stuff isn't like weed at all, I've never tried the herbal supplements stuff that are supposed to get you high.

    Just an FYI that isn't weed/hash, it's an herbal supplement meant to produce a high you buy it for cheap from botanical sites and he's probably just scamming you.
    The high will be light if any, not like hash or weed. I wouldn't know though because i haven't tried it, I just know that isn't weed friend.
  3. Thanks. The guy didn't even know if it was made of Sativa/Indica and it costs 30bucks for more almost quarter of an ounce. It's also kinda too dark like a seaweed tbh.
  4. this is the furthest thing from weed i've seen in a while. not trying to be a dick but do not smoke that. it looks like gooey shisha tobacco
  5. just the term hashweed makes me cringe
  6. and seller is a noob, he said that it was a mix between hash and weed, but why mix it at first place I wonder
  7. "
    i think he's lying to you to take your money,
    That doesn't look like hash or weed, it looks like some bullshit rip off concentrate which is exactly what it is, I would recommend staying away altogether unless you're interested in trying it.
    Hashweed isn't a real thing you either have hash or flower or a bowlpack. No one mixes what's the point because they have different values, Please tread carefully this guy is probably trying to scam you.
  8. Already blocked his chat though. Don't wanna ruin my first high with some shitty dog crap, uh?
  9. |Like I said, it will most likely not get you high cause it doesn't have thc in it, just essential oils. You'll feel relaxed and spacey at best but it will not be like a good cannabis high, I would wait until you can get some dankems.

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