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Is hash oil any worse than weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by reddiesel69, Mar 27, 2011.

  1. I smoke pot, and my parents accept that. They don't really have a problem with it, they just let me do it. But recently, i bought a hash oil pipe, and have been smoking hash oil lately, my dad was telling me how he use to get hash oil here and there back in his day. But all of a sudden, they are telling me that its so much worse for you than herb is. So if anyone could clarify this for me, that would be great. Btw, the hash oil i get is BHO=butane hash oil. Thanks! :smoke:
  2. Ehh... Probably worse for your lungs/throat just because it's oil your inhaling... but then again, you don't need to smoke that much, usually a hit or 2 will keep you higher than smoking
  3. It's all about potency. I would actually argue that hash, oils, or any other concentrate is BETTER than bud because you aren't inhaling all that burned plant matter and have to smoke so little to get the desired effects.

  4. Exactly,
    if anything,
    properly made hash oil would do less damage to your lungs,
    then the herb.
  5. Yeah it's a common misconception.
    If you smoke the same amount in grams I'm not sure if it's any worse, but you need much more weed to get the same effect, thus inhaling more smoke and plant matter without any active susbstances in it.

    A good analogy would be nicotine patches. They're less harmful than cigarettes because they only deliver the active substance and not all the tar and other shit that comes from cigarette smoke.

    I'm not sure which is worse pound for pound, but that doesn't really matter anyway.
  6. doesnt BHO leave a film in your throat after a while like a waxxy substance.
  7. not inhaling as much smoke
    well, i don't know about hash oil only hash so i could be wrong
  8. I think this is the best thread to find the proper answer...

    hash vs. weed

  9. i looked in that thread but didnt find much :eek:
  10. I think the effects on the lungs would remain the same, even though your not inhaling plant matter you're still inhaling a foreign substance, smoke into your lungs. the smoke is probably cleaner from BHO but its a lot more harsh
  11. Its slightly more risky to the lungs, and the effect lasts longer, but nothing more than that

    If you think money doesn't fall from trees, then you've never sold weed!
  12. no lol

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