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is hash already combusted THC?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dualified, May 16, 2010.

  1. is hash already combusted? like, can i just eat it straight up and it'll get me high? or like, could i put it in a hot drink and drink it? i've had a few people tell me that this is true, but i'm looking for some verification before i try putting some hash in hot chocolate tonight :rolleyes:
  2. negative ghost rider....

  3. Hash is the trichs off the plant matter compressed into a solid form. You need to smoke it or make edibles.
  4. cool, thanks for clearing this up. i thought for some reason that hash would get you high though if you ate it

  5. I've heard that. I don't like the way hashish looks. Resembles heroin.
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    depends on if they heat it up when they make it.^hash is cleaner than weed if made properly.
  7. Hash isn't res.

    This belongs in the seasoned tokers forum... why?
  8. because i had a question to ask people that knew what they were talking about?
  9. The people that linger here, also linger in the apprentice tokers section, because that's where you guys should go to ask these questions.
  10. ^ that

    Seasoned Tokers is for seasoned tokers to discuss things without worrying about someone having to ask for an explanation of what we're talking about.

    Apprentice Tokers is for stuff like this. Where we will go to answer your questions.
  11. Wrong section for sure.. Need to try that search button pal. Or even google. But no, has should be smoked. You can throw it in a bowl and spark it, roll it up in a blunt, or try something like hot knifing. (youtube it) Happy toking :smoking:
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    Wrong. They make hash milkshakes in Amsterdam, by crumbling hash into milkshakes, and I got fucked up.
    You need a fats to absorb the thc.

    But no, its not "combusted"

    So much misinformation here, its amazing.

    Yes! No! Maybe! Its how every thread goes.
  13. A lot of pressed kief style hash has been heated to a certain degree but not combusted, during the pressing process.

    Eating it raw is a waste though. Most of it will just pass right through you. Your shit will smell nice though.

  14. Pressure = heat. They are not applying heat, they apply large amounts of pressure which generates heat.
  15. I've seen them making it in Morocco. They wrap it in muslin and put it in an oven under heavy rocks. Trust me I know how hash is made ;)
  16. I've seen hash made too, but in a hydraulic press. No additional heat necessary.

    Also, did someone say hash isn't resin? Unless you're confusing tar and resin, of course. Hash is made from the resinous glands of the plant.
  17. Yes it's a pet peeve of mine too, when people say it's not resin. You're exactly correct.

    A lot of modern hash is made sans heat, but the traditional method in the Middle East involves gentle heating. And yes, high pressure generates some heat.

    EDIT: And for you kiddies saying it's not resin, what YOU call resin is actually the nasty tar residue left after smoking ;)
  18. i think it depends on the way made
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    If you were trying to clear something with me, I was using res as OSG stated. I would imagine it's easy to substitute mentally residual and resin, res for short either way. :confused_2: :p


    Pfft, you old heads need to move on. :p

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