is hallucinating from weed common? tell your stories...

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    I was with about 3 of my friends. we smoked about 3 bowls and were just hangin around talking. I was sitting on the couch and looking at my friends and suddenly they all started floating away. and where they were sitting was a black outline of their body, like I was playing with the program, paint, on my computer. I quietly started saying, "no guys wait for me." and then they all came back down. haha i just thought I had to share this.

    lets here some of your guys' stories.
  2. you cant hallucinate from weed, sorry.
  3. No, I'm sorry but you didn't. If anything it was just you zoning out or deep in thought but not hallucinating.
  4. you just dont smoke a lot and you got really high.
  5. Yeah, you can't hallucinate. It's not a 'delic, so it's impossible.

    However, I do get this weird thing sometimes that's somewhat compareable to hallucination, only with sound.

    Sometimes I'll hear something going on or someone talking, and think the sound comes from somewhere else. For example, I was in a bar racking up the pool balls for the next game and there was a guy standing behind me. Someone said something coming from behind me, but when I turned around and said "huh?" he hadn't said anything, and I realized the sound was coming from elsewhere.

    Happens all of the time.
  6. yeah when i get really blazed i hear shit too. that's real common from weed.
  7. With all due respect...bullshit. You can hallucinate from THC. I've had a visual hallucination only once but I've known it to happen to other people. It's rare and takes high doses, but THC is technically categorized as a hallucinogen from a pharmacological standpoint.

    When I had only been smoking perhaps a year we smoked way too much of some really good Skunk. I looked at my friend and he had devil horns growing from his head and his eyes were glowing. I laughed and laughed so hard I almost puked.

  8. correct me if im wrong but that is an auditory hallucination...

    i think you can hallucinate from pot aboslutely, is it common?, hell no.

    but for first timers fuck yeah you can. its a hallucinogen. period. sometimes it does not even happen ever for some people.

    smoking pot your first few times is like doing mushrooms or other hallucinogens your first time, its such a mind fuck and a trip, that you end up tired afterwards.

    i dono man i believe you.

    i for sure think its a stupid thing to say that you cant hallucinate from it just cause it has never happened to you.
  9. Lol one time when I was pretty high at my house alone, i heard someone knocking on the door. So I go look through the peep-hole and I see my friend standing there. So when I open the door I realize no one is there. Then I went and sat back down it happened again. Lol thats my short story.

  10. sonf of a bitch you beat me to it by like a minute lol :wave:
  11. Returning all respect due, I don't belive you. Iv'e been smoking for about 6 years and have never had a hallucination, except for the auditory ones I was talking about earlier. Iv'e also never heard of any of my friends having these.

    Is there some way to look up the possibility of visual hallucinations from THC?

    If you're right, you're right, but I've never heard of this untill now.
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    thats complete bullsh*t, im %100 sure that if you take enough bong rips, you WILL hallucinate. I've looked at a wall and seen crazy moving pictures made out of color, if you look hard enough when your reaaaly baked, youll see some shit. mostly shapes and colors.
  13. The only thing close to a hallucination I've had was when I smoked the day after dropping acid, and when I smoked I saw trails again. To this day I still sometimes see trails. That's about the extent of it.
  14. 30 years here...not that it matters.

    Erowid Experience Vaults: Cannabis - Pot Hallucinations - More THC Receptors? - 13266 Head Sounds - hallucination
    BiomedExperts: Human EEG spectra before and during cannabis hallucinations.
    Tetrahydrocannabinol - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    And dozens of other sources available at public libraries and via the web.

    I don't need to make shit up, life is interesting enough as it is.
  15. The only type of hallucinations I've ever had was with my eyes closed.

  16. Hallucinations can range from sounds, closed eye visuals, odd sensations, time distortion, all the way up to full on open eye visuals. Completely visual hallucinations from cannabis are exceedingly rare but can happen.
  17. Guess you're right then. And yeah, iv'e had dreams where I was awake but my eyes were closed, i guess.

    But never straight up hallucinations.

    I wasn't bragging about my 6 years of smoking, was just saying, been that long and never happened.

    My bad, I guess. Wish I would get hallucinations from weed.
  18. no never had it cept if i am really stoned and music is playing I can close my eyes and its like i am seeing the guys playing guitar or whatever. like a really vivid imagination or something.

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