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Is hairy bud better?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by fluffystoner, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. Hey blades, I just picked this up after a two week tolerance break. It's called raspberry haze and is probably the hairiest bud I've ever seen in my life. Do you guys think hairy bud is better (more potent)?

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  2. Take it out of the bag
  3. [quote name='"bruhlazer"']Take it out of the bag[/quote]

    Don't really feel like taking it all out right now but here's a better picture

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  4. u got hairy buds?
  5. You don't feel like taking it out of the bag? Wtf haha
  6. all bud is its own unique bud. I just picked up this pale green bud, but it smells super strong and is dank! so smoke it, cause worse case, you get high.

  7. It's like...way too much effort maannnnnnn

    OP - The answer is "maybe".
    More factors come into play than the physical structure, and I don't think hairs indicate trich concentration
  8. I've always thought that multiple orange hairs were an indication that the bud was potent, but I don't really know. The best way to know is to smoke it...
  9. Ive bought mids that sucked ass that were loaded with orange hairs.

    I think it has more to do with the strain, but im no expert.

    Edit: Lol, the fuck op, dont feel like taking it outta the bag... Funny as fuck lol, u were willing to take another pic, dont know why u wouldnt just take another 2 sec to take it out...
  10. Oh and the hairs really mean nothing potency wise. Trichome coverage is where the potency is
  11. #11 STIGGY, Aug 11, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 11, 2012
    [quote name='t-fizz']Ive bought mids that sucked ass

    Great picture I would caption it something like this
    " woooh look what I found what the heck do I do with it?"

  12. If its dence yep
  13. I thought having a lot of hairs meant the bud was grown with plenty light or grown well, or something... good growing would make the bud more potent, but I could be talking outta my ass here.
  14. He's too stoned to take it out of the bag, don't disturb the sleeping dank unless its wake up time ;)
  15. *toke up time ;)
  16. Trichome surface area correlates to potency...the hairs themselves can be classified same as the buds, plant matter.
  17. I've seen some hairy bud (95% of the surface covered with hairs) that has been just mediocre, and some hairy bud that has been pretty bomb. I don't think the hairs have much to do with potency, although very generally more hairs = better bud.
  18. [quote name='"bonginnn"']Oh and the hairs really mean nothing potency wise. Trichome coverage is where the potency is[/quote]

    This. Hairs are more of an indicator where your bud is in the cycle if you can read em. Trichomes are what carries the thc, look for frosty weed.
  19. I smoked like maybe two of the smallest hits of my life and I'm fucking gone. It's either fucking incredible Jesus bud or that 2 week break made an incredible difference. :)

  20. lol from the actual show the caption goes somethin like this..

    "See this?? Alright.. old man gave it to me wen i was in grade 7.. 9mm... safety always off.. Told me he was proud of me once.... fuckin prick."

    Its a funny ass show lol

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