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Is growing simpler than many make it sound?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Biochemistry, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. I've read many threads on how to get the best bud through different growing techniques that sound very involved, but has anybody in this forum tried "winging it" with sunlight and potting soil in a pot and shown some good results? If you know of another thread that you think might be helpful then feel free to post about it (and a link to the thread if you can).

    I bring it up because I'm trying to think of the simplest solution next to growing it outdoors without spending lots of money. I don't have access to seeds right now or the stealth capability right now since I'm living at home with my parents, but I would like to know for general knowledge for the future.

    Keep on toking :)
  2. I grew outside last year by just winging it and grew some dank. I threw some clones in the ground and gave em no attention until it got hot around mid june. I spent 180 dollars on 10 bags of soil (I had 6 left over, it was over kill.) and didn't use any ferts, or organic things like worm castings. I went out there and watered em with water I filled up with jugs from a fosset outside a dairy queen in jugs less then 20 times the whole process. I hardly used nutes either. It is easy to grow, but obv the more effort/money put into it the better it will turn out.
  3. You get what you put into it is how I take it
  4. I agree with you, but I'm just wondering what people's results have been like from growing outside or on a window sill.
  5. Can you grow in a window sill? Yes, you can. Ive done it in the past and I still do it with my clones. Ive done plants from start to finish in my window but the buds were very airy and not very heavy with trichs. Im sure that alot of it had to do with the fact that the are was not light proof at all. Also keep in mind that windows and screens negate some of the UV coming to the plant. the arc of the sun varies according time of the year so the window sill you get light through in the winter might not get any during the summer depending on the orientation of the window. Would I flower in a window again? Probably not...however, it works great for clones since they dont need very strong light at all. Some growers debate that statement but I have proven this time and time again here

    Growing outside is probably by far the easiest way to go (if you are not going to get in trouble of course). My bro in law once got some plants going by mistake just by throwing seeds outside his window where there was water dripping from his a/c unit. Ive grown plants outside in my garden from seed and clone with no problem...not even watering them since the garden is already on a timed sprinkler...the sun took care of everything else. Only issue I had was from company coming over and my nosey sister in law :rolleyes:.
  6. Man, I grew lots of weed in the Sierras. I had many vegi gardens and growing outdoors is so very easy if you have some basic knowledge about growing anything.
    Nothing replaces the quality of outdoor pot. That being said, I did run into some CAMP patrols and once had to tear down almost 300 plants in September because their Helicopters just flew over and ...........................
    I have just finished my second grow indoors and yes, it is a different ballgame. Man, there are so many things to remember and in my case, so many mistakes made and I hope to not repeat any of them.
    After Thrips and a potting mix I made that did not drain well I never noticed (the forest through the trees) what I though were pistils that were still long and white at 10 weeks of flowering not thinking that it's never too late for a HERMIE to arrive. Well , another bo bo to learn from. The buds on this plant have many seeds. The other 5 look to be OK and the seeded pot is fine for smoking and a bit tasty. I have 3 LSD and 3 Vio Kush from Herbies. The 2 lsd were OK but the Vio Kush was 1 vio kush and the other two, I do not have any idea what they are, Herbies got confused, which happens. The 2 unknown plants were very stoney though.
    I tried an AUTO grow of many different species of autos but I was sad because they were very weak and not stony at all. They were very easy to grow but I think I will stick to the real deal.
    I have just started my 3rd grow, 15 sq ft tent, 600 HPS for grow, vergi at 250 HPS in small tent.
    I purchased one of those heavy steel filters for smell control and I also purchased one of those super light blue air filters. I liked the light one because it was so easy to hang but after 1 grow I had to toss it, kaput! The heavy steel one (2 grows) is still going strong. I am looking at Rhino filters for my next purchase. They are pricy but seem to be well made and one can get replacement sleeves(carbon). I live in an apartment in Berlin and odor control is a must.
    On to more growing and I'm sure more mistakes but that is how I learn.
    I have taken in so much info on this site. Pop a question and you get many answers and I have always found one that fit my situation.
    Good luck to everyone!
  7. If you want to wing it. Get some seeds and plant em. You'll get something its a plant. A weed to be exact. I bet the legal kind grows on your lawn without attention. Stay on the safe side and get some nutes. I don't grow outdoors but I'm sure mother nature knows what she's doing.
  8. Bro. It's waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay easier than people make it out to be. Yeah you need to feed and water and watch the amount of nutrients you give them but I will say people waaaaaaaaaaaay overthink this stuff. Like there's some sort of magic some people have but others can't figure out.
    Give em a good medium. Soil. Give em light and make sure the temps stay around seventy to seventy five f it's not hard to grow just don't over think shit. You'll be fine. It's actually way easier than people make it out to be.
    Genetics are a huge deal and light and the environment. And remember. Do not over feed. Less is more when it comes to nutrients.
  9. Window sills are not optimal as they dont get enough sun usually. Outdoor can produce well, but will never be to their full potential. It is an extremely simple plant to grow. Growing medical grade is a bit more complex. Just takes a bit of knowledge on what cannabis needs and good genetics.
  10. Precisely.
  11. My first grow was some miracle grow soil from lowes (no nutes at all), and a couple 4ft floresent tube lights and the shit turned out dank, but i only harvested about a quarter. And also, it was bagseeds! People make it out like bagseeds wont have good genetics, but the truth is it's just a gamble; you may get something average, or you may get males, or you could get some tastey unique flavor good smoke!

    It isn't that hard to grow, but everything on this site is to ensure from every possible angle that you get everything out of the buds you waited months to smoke. And that is where it turns into the art of growing.
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    Your own comment makes me doubt your credibility. Your grow confirms it. I get a quarter off most branches. You can get dank from bagseed. Done it myself. Look at rumors behind og,sour d and chemdawg. Those are supposedly bag seeds from the same pairing. In the right hands with proper selection and breeding practices you can pick a winner. May take 100 seeds may take 4. Id rather spend a few hundred on proven genetics then waste money on soil nutes and light to cut plants down.
  13. Learn organics. Growing becomes pretty simple from then on. No ph testing, no nutrients feeding, no deficiencies (if you mix your soil right), and you get all the fun from making organic teas :)
  14. Who knew weed was a type of weed. I have weeds growing through my driveway the non marijuana kind though
  15. Yes yes yes. Learn organics. You can buy a bottled nute for thirty that'll last one flowering cycle or you can get a ten dollar bag of guano that's gonna last four or five grows. Go organic it's just better. I wish when I started someone put me onto organics. Waaaaaaaaaay better than the chemical shit.

    Dam what's up with me and saying waaaaaaaay today?
  16. You can wing it, but you should still research do's and dont's

    After growing my first grow, I through old bag seed in pots outside in different mediums. Throughout the winter just to see what this "weed' can go through. Finally they just died with temps hitting low 30's the other day, they survived pretty solid winds almost taking them out of the soil, over wating from rain, and temps daily 50-80s. They grew about 7" before biting the dust.

    It doesn't take much though.
  17. It definatly depends on how much attention to detail you want to have. It's as easy or as complicated as you want it to be and it all depends on your funds. I'm a first time medical grower and just dumped like $1200 into a hydro grow tent and a 600w light kit and I am %100 positive that I could have achieved much better results with a cooler, easier to maintain grow room that's just as productive as the MH/HPS system I have.

    You could simply buy some high watt CFL bulbs, keep your temps down and remove the need to spend hundreds on a/c units, exhaust fans, ect.
  18. Instead of mocking my grow, why don't you contribute whatever information that I'm so obviously lacking? I'm always open to suggestions
  19. I didn't mean to mock I was trying to help. Growing can be as easy as you want it to be, plant them I'm some soil mix with time release.fertilizer and water every few days and they will turn out fine as long as you have decent lighting like I said I'm not trying to mock I was trying to help
  20. If you think reading is easy, growing pot is easy. Just do a little basic reading and you WILL be successful. Good luck and get goin growin. Oh ya, like the others have said organic growing, the ONLY way to gRoW. "just add water"

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