Is growing cannabis worth it?

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  1. Hey guys! I'm brand new to this website so I don't know if there is a thread like this already so I apologize in advance.

    Me and my father are wanting to open up a medical marijuana grow operation. We looked up and found the school oaksterdam university. It seems like a good idea for the 14 week course and would be able to afford it. Is it worth it or is there alternate route we can take? We don't want to have the "out of your closet" operation. We want it to be Profesional and do it right and grow some quality cannabis. So is the medical marijuana business profitable and worth the time? Thanks guys and happy blazin!
  2. You'd be surprised how good quality you can get from out of the closet

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  3. Growing is 1000% worth it my friend.

    It's a very rewarding hobby, both the process, and the fruits of your labor.

    However, the classes, mmmm... Not really needed...

    Everything you could possibly need to learn can be learned right here on GC, and other cannabis forums.
    The cash you save by not taking a class, could be invested into the grow room.

    The web is slam packed with all the info you need to get growing for free. :)
  4. Is the medical marijuana business profitable and worth the time?

    I dunno, does Colorado have over $50 million is budget surplus from marijuana taxes? Is marijuana worth over 9x the value of silver by weight?

    Are you kidding me?
  5. breaking into the business of supplying dispensaries isnt an easy thing to do. first and foremost you need money for warehouse space, the materials to grow quality bud, youre going to need to comply with whatever quality standards your prospective buyers require, be able to supply x amount regularly, etc etc.. taking one class in horticulture isnt going to do much for you in the way of accomplishing your goal. 
  6. I am just wondering if after I get all that I need together with lights classes and all the other requirements is it going to make me a living growing and selling to dispenserys and that stuff. I'm just trying to figure out if investing in it is going to be worth the payout.
  7. You obviously haven't done any research dude.
    Frankly, the market is saturated and you don't stand a chance.
  8. I have I'm getting a fucking second opinion.
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    I would say don't go and pay someone to tell you what you can find online. There will literally be nothing taught in those classes that you can't find online and do yourself. Spend that money instead on grow of the line bulbs, hood, etc.
    The only thing I would pay for a class on is if I were going to do a big medical grow operation, and I needed to learn some things about electrical wiring a building and that kind of stuff, but a class that teaches you to grow weed? I would have to pass on's a plant, and it's very simple to grow.
    If you have a large amount of space a good amount of money to invest, sure you should definitely be able to make some decent cash. 
  10. so you don't think the hands on learning is worth it? Or just learn testing and trial and error?
    I can assure you it's not worth what they're charging
  12. could you or someone here direct me to where I could look for what I need to look at on here? Any good forums that help a lot?
  13. The only difference between learning in a class or learning online is the cost, a piece of paper, and a human being you can ask questions.  Growing high quality MJ is not simple.  Anyone with some light bulbs and a dream (space and legal aspects aside) can grow a MJ plant.  The trick is knowing how to combat the eventual problems that every grower faces.  From nutes to knowing when to harvest.  Pests can be a nightmare as well.  It can be an art as much as a science.  I'm sure you can make money at it, but nobody can guarantee you will, not a school or anyone here.
  14. Patience is a virtue, especially when it comes to growing cannabis.  Market saturated or not, it's not a get rich quick scheme.  If you are dedicated and can produce high quality medicine and offer at an affordable price you will succeed.
    As many have stated all of the information you will ever need lies at your fingertips within the internet.  The whole problem is sifting through the bullshit, the naysayers, the misinformers, the trolls and everything else to get at the good solid information.  While this works for many, it may not work for you.  This also lengthens the process of learning greatly(trial and error).
    I won't say to not pay for the course, but I won't say to go buy it either. Some would hate but..... if I had the option of taking a course it's possible I would depending on the curriculum.
    Sure you can learn and practice nearly any martial arts from a book, but I can guarantee you will never be as good if you have a real sensei to guide you through the experience and teach you personally.  The question is.  Is oaksterdam the real deal?  They have a 7th or 8th dan master that lived it in Japan?  Or is it just some guy that got a blackbelt in taewkondo after 2 years of classes?
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    The growing section on here is good but basically just google whatever you wanna know. 
    Anything I ever need to know the first thing I do is google it..been workin out pretty good for me so far. The only thing that I run into sometimes is finding information on some strains if they are relatively new or unknown, but you can find grow logs of popular strains no problem.
    But it's highly unlikely anyone at Oaksterdam would be able to tell you anything about those strains either, so basically just grow and learn when it comes to an unknown strain.
    Biggest piece of advice I can mention is stay away from cheap feminized seeds..I've run into hermie problems with those. Find reliable breeders with great genetics..there are many out there.
    Edit: That guy above me gave a really good piece of advice too..alot of times you gotta sift through the bullshit when using the internet. So don't go and try something that one person said is a great idea but you've never heard of it before. There are a ton of morons on the internet.
  16. Thanks everyone! :)

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