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Is Golden Haze any good?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by goldenhaze, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. I just bought 2.5 grams of golden haze and was wondering if its any good?
  2. dude wtf lol? ifu got it smoke it, and you tell me ....but I never heard of golden haze..
  3. funny his name is golden haze too.
  4. if it has a name, its pretty safe to assume its good haha

  5. Wrong

    It all depends on how its grown.

    Strains only make a difference once they're grown right, but you can still grow any strain terribly, and get schwag, mids, anything.

    Its funny to think the schwag people smoke could be an interesting and potent strain, but they wouldnt know because it hasnt reached any of its potential.
  6. very true, but would YOU sell someone schwag and say its haze (even if it is, just terribly grown)?
  7. you tell me you have it

  8. If I knew the genetics of my plants I would make sure my customers know.

    But I probably wouldnt sell weed I grew if it came out bad.
  9. alot of kids run around and give names to the stuff they're sling'n just to talk it up. I've seen people say some bud was purp haze and it was just was just some bud that had cold shocked parts...

  10. thats why i love flowering bagseeds.

    ive gotten better genes from bags than from some seed vendors.
  11. nah dude, it sucks, like all haze. lol are you seriously asking this?
  12. sounds to me like bacon, i dont know why but i have a feeling :/
  13. This is possibly one of the dumbest questions i've seen on here. Smoke it and tell us.
  14. you didnt check if it looked good when you bought it?

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