Is God everything?

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  1. Look up the definition of everything.
    Then answer my question....
  2. I hope the next leap is the leap home...
  3. Yes

    But you know that already, don't you, God?
  4. A better question could be how is God NOT everything?

  5. Well the way the you typed that was funny then....
  6. god? not real
  7. no cause im here, therefore making me part of the total collection of "everything" meaning that he is either, also a part of everything, or nothing.

    so i guess it would be a part of everything so kinda, but then again so would i be, therefore making me god.

    another thought, if everything is all that there is, then is "everything" the real god? meaning that we are all our own gods, making god indeed everything?

    so by that ^ logic, there is no god except one that we make for ourselves?

    or are we really just people who happened to exist and there is no god but reality has to exist as there is nothing outside of it, all things are reall and there is no way out of it so how is there a god?

    idfk, nothingim saying is gonna make sense... but it makes sense to me "everything" damnit
  8. Nobody knows what God actually is. But He tells us He created everything and set Himself on a throne of authority. I believe He makes up everything and is everything. That's how He knows where everything is at down to a musstard seed, because He is the mustard seed. You have to get to what's on the other side of the big bang to find out.
  9. Isnt that, uhm that one show? Farscape?
  10. Tasty, you changed your picture D:
  11. Dont mean to offend but how can you guys believe in god, the bible is like the stories of a roger on american dad once said..dont mean to offed
  12. God is such a mistranslated term.
  13. One needs to know much more about the cultures, societys, time, context for the stories, cultural context, translation, and much more to really understand the bible.

    Not advocating the bible or religion in general, but if you viewed the bible as a person writing it today, then yes its the raving of a mad man. But the bible was written by many authors, over many years, through multiple cultures and societies. It's not fair to judge the bible as such.

  14. "Farscape", lmao.
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    :D I trust in own my thoughts on what is "everything" and what maybe "god"

    The closest answer that still remains in your limited scope of choices is "you are a human and your are a part of your share of "everything"

    So within the context of your question. You are your own pathetic "god"
  16. What up with these people saying you are your own god?

    I'm all for believing in whatever you want, but shit doesn't that just seem like your tempting fate?

    What if he's real?
  17. Yes you are god.

    We are the creators of our reality and our universe
  18. idk honestly i dont believe at all. theres nothing to make me. im supposed to believe in a magic man in the clouds because a book with some cool storys tells me too?
  19. ah, but here is your mistake. The word "god" has always been used to describe a literal man in the sky who control everything. When in reality, everything is god. God is life itself. You need not be religious to realize this.
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