Is "glass" "glass" (purity/safety) price justification?

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  1. so suppose I just get like a $12 free shipping water bong off ebay or at a flea market (new, not used), or somewhere like that, is the pyrex glass still as safe to heat up and smoke out of vs a well-known brand of bong or water pipe that costs 5X more?

    I don't want anything that changes color from resin, I guess those additives might be a concern, but even if they're supposedly not a concern, I'm not really crazy about color swirly pipes or bongs. I just like plain glass.

    But if there's a rubber gasket for a bong where the slider connects, then that could overheat and leach chemicals I guess regardless of price or quality of glass.

    I guess technically the butane from a lighter is also inhaled but I'm not really concerned about that since I don't hold the lighter to weed for long like you would if you couldn't find any weed available and were trying to muster up a few resin hits from a used pipe with the lighter constantly going.
  2. If you are worried about the rubber leaching chemicals, replace them with high temp silicone instead.
    Pyrex glass has been used to cook with since its inception, it can take the heat and is safe to smoke out of.
    Go on Amazon and look up scientific equipment glass and that will give you some straight glass pieces and decently thick, plus they are way cheap and most are made in the US
  3. The reason glass is considered the purest way is because it is the only material that can be 100% sterilized.
  4. the only difference between a cheap glass bong and a brand name one, will be that SOME of the brand name ones will be better designed function-wise, and have thiccer glass. the glass itself will most likely be the same thing. i personally rather have a cheap china glass bong and just take care of it as much as i can. my current china bong is at about 7 or 8 months of daily use, no accidents so far but i'm very careful. a thicc expensive bong will probably not survive the same thing that the china glass won't survive, so it doesn't matter
  5. Is there anything you are not scared of?
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  7. You sound pretty paranoid. It's glass.... it doesn't light on fire or melt or anything. Go to the dollar store and buy the cheapest glass they have there and stick a lighter to it for a solid minute (way longer and hotter than smoking out of it would ever be) and tell me if you see anything happen.

    Nothing to worry about.
  8. well it wasn't only safety/cleanliness I was wondering about, it was also quality, e.g if a $6 bong from china is as good as a $80 bong. There are different glass types
  9. the thickness of the glass and the welds and build is the difference. not chemical composition of the glass
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  10. Borosilicate glass VS soft glass for sure plays a part in cost.

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