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Is Giving A Dealer A Few Ones Such A Big Deal?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by JoshuaBr, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. I'm buying a gram from my main dealer tonight, and since I owed him five bucks I said I'd pay him back with a few ones that I have in my wallet. He then acted kinda pissed off and started saying how much he hates getting payed in ones ect. To me i don't understand why he would really care I mean its five bucks it's not like I'm giving him twenty one dollar bills or anything. Any thoughts on this?
  2. Pay him back and then he'll stop whining he just doesn't want it to become a habit and him giving free buds away
  3. Lol I hate when dealers are like that. A couple ones aint a big deal as long as there isn't like 60 of em. I remember I bought an eighth once and didn't have time to go to the store to cash in the ones so I gave him two $20 bills and 20 $1 bills lol. Me and him just had a good laugh about it, he went cashed em in for a $20 bill and that was that. Just don't make a habit of it. If he turns down a sale because of 1's then he's a bad businessman. Money is money.
  4. If its just five I don't see the big deal. Nothing wrong on your part. It all spends the same 
  5. Yeah he's usually a really chill guy when we hang out and smoke together, but when it comes to deals he seems to get annoyed fairly easily.
  6. 5 ones is no big deal, its not like your paying for a big bag in ones.
    all he has to do is go to the bank, or even some stores, and get them exchanged if he even cares.
  7. All money spends the same IMO. Take your business else where if you dislike him bitching.
  8. #8 iCheif, Jun 3, 2013
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    lol trust me dude, they hate that. Wouldnt you tho kinda ? I guess some people dont really give a shit, im not a dealer but I just dont like ones cuz im more likely to spend it on dumb shit like....dollar here dollar there.
    And if they gotta pay "their" guy back or somthin, they dont wanna give him some ones IMO. From my experiences usually they wont say nuthin or bitch about it but you can just telll......... <_<
  9. dude I had a dealer that would take quarters, he didn't care money was money
  10. I've paid in change for a gram before. Dealer knew that I never do that often so he came through. Your dealer sounds like a bitch for getting business, ditch his ass.
  11. He's probably a bit more annoyed that you owe him 5 bucks, that's enough hassle as it is. 
    Just give him the singles, apologize, and let him know it won't happen again.
    Shit like that really depends on the dealer, but think of it this way, he's hooking you up with some illegal drugs, least you could do is make it easy for him.
    Also, like one guy said, singles can be annoying because your more likely to spend them on random shit. 
    I don't think he's as bugged about it as you think. Offer him a bowl or something, it should be all good. 
  12. That is why I love my connections. I could pay them in all quarters for an eighth and as long as it's the right amount they don't care. Honestly  money is money and he is foolish to complain. As long as you pay, and pay on time. It should not be an issue.
  13. Once, a long time ago, I had no cash and no way of getting to an ATM, so my friend walked over with all the change he had and when combined with mine came out to $40 ( all quarters). Bought 2 g's. The guy laughed and just said he'll take it this one time. Now that I think about it, I was lucky he took it haha. I remember handing him a giant bag of 160 quarters hahha
  14. 5 is not a big deal; just seems to be common courtesy to avoid buying with ones around here, but if you're a regular customer he shouldn't be too worried about it, sounds like he was being a lil uptight in that situation though
  15. Change I could see. Ones, fuck hin
  16. He's getting flustered for no reason. Five bucks is five bucks, whether it comes in one bill or five.
    Now, $320 in dollar bills would be something for him to bitch about.
  17. Not at all, as long as you have the money.
    I used to work at a car wash and get tips (usually a lot of ones) and usually couldn't make it to a bank to exchange the bills because I got out around 6:00pm, and my dealer never had a problem with it. I think maybe one time he joked around like, "Wow.. that's a lot of ones!" because it was about $50 worth.
    If your dealer has a problem with it, tell him money is money, take it or leave it. 
  18. from the dealers perspective gettin paid in singles is a little annoying. I hate carrying around singles so i never end up using them and its just like waisted money.
    i mean 5 singles wouldnt bother me but one time this guy was buying $40 worth and he tried to pay me with two 5s and 30 singles. I just picked up my bud and scale got in my car and left.
  19. I have used change before, my dealer just started laughing and said I know times are tough
  20. 5 ones?  If he's annoyed by that then he needs to fucking chill

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