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Is ghosting hits really that bad?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Im Ralph, Oct 18, 2014.

  1. So I'm in my home with family and the only way I'm getting high right now is if I ghost hits. I'm only ghosting 3 hits so is not a lot and I never ghost hits so, is it really that bad?
  2. Do you enjoy oxygen? All ghosting hits does is cuts off your oxygen to the brain. After 3-5 seconds you are just wasting your time. Your lungs won't absorb much more

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  3. won't kill you, just don't make a habit of it
    couldn't just wait a few minutes tho?
  4. I know this, I'm only ghosting because of the smell.
  5. Ghosting only reduces the smell. It won't make it all go away. Marijuana has a very strong smell to it. People with sensative sniffers can detect it on you 10 minutes after you finish the sesh.
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    Woot? Really I have done this before a few times(long time ago) and no one noticed anything? Going to be using a 1 hitter so no smoke is going out of my mouth.
  7. Woot is an exclaimation not a question lol. Anyway, It's not that bad. Unless you are at a police station.
  8. I ghost dabs a little bit but I like to take a second hit of oxygen after the initial hoot to mix shit up a bit. I wouldn't ghost hoots from flowers though, smoke isn't good for you.
  9. Dude but I'm sure no smell is escaping. Now you're going to make me paranoid.
  10. Smoke outside if your concern is smell. Blow the smoke with the wind so it doesn't attach to your clothes. Then brush your teeth and chew some gum. Or eat some garlic and onions.

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  11. LOL you are making yourself paranoid. I guarentee you that smell.....even if in small amounts, is there. Again, weed has a very strong scent to it.
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    Trust me, smell is escaping, you just don't notice it. Even the tiniest, miniscule amount of smoke that escapes will linger and smell. And if there is any residue anywhere it's going to smell. Some febreeze should mask the smell pretty well, or incense, which is less suspicious.
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    That gets you zero times higher than blowing out after a few seconds. All it does is let your lungs absorb more tar and carcinogens from the smoke. 
    There's a head rush from cut off oxygen, but it doesn't make you any higher. 
  14. How is it possible to smell. I put fire in the back of my 1 hitter, all the smoke go inside my mouth and I hold it all in my lungs untill everything stay inside me?

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    Am I the only one thats never heard of this before?
    Just looked it up, do that like every time with oil
  16. Yeah. It's all too easy for stoners to lull themselves into a false sense of security once they've been smoking for so long. Of course you don't think it smells that bad... you probably never did.
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    I don't know if I can explain it in scientific terms but when you smoke anything, it will always smell to some degree, probably because particles of residue are scattering all over the place when ignited. Not saying what you're doing isn't helping keep the smell down, but if someone were to walk in to where you smoked like right after you did they could probably tell you were smoking.
  18. The resin on your 1 hitter is smelling up the place. Your breath will smell. Your fingers will smell. Not everyone can detect it, but people with sensative sniffers will smell it.
  19. Lol dude I just did it and there is no smell at all plus I'm high.. My breath will smell for 3 secs cus eating something(even a cookie) get ride of mouth smell, my hands have 0 smell there was no contact with resin. I think it was all perfect <3
  20. People who don't smoke will be able to smell it.... It smells like skunk hard to miss... One hitter or not smoke sticks to fabric,walls,etc.

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