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Is getting caught inevitable?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by nicetomeetyou, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. I feel like EVERYONE gets caught eventually. Do you know any old tokers who have never been caught by the 5-0?
  2. Id say the people who get caught are in the minority, and ones who do are doing something stupid..

  3. Orrrrr sometimes it takes a 6 month investigation and a search warrant to get caught, not doing something stupid per se, but maybe just helping others medicate.

    Not inevitable, but the odds are against us.
  4. It depends. If you normally have bud and your own kit then your'e probably gonna get caught someway or another. Sucks for me cuz I always lose things when I'm blazed... and that's how I'd get caught
  5. I almost went down for a "minor" possession a week ago, possibly could have been charged with selling since I had bags of zip locks everywhere. Not going into too many details, it was obviously mine, but in the end they didn't have concrete evidence because it was never seen in my possession.

    My friend has a dad that's been toking on and off his whole life, he's never been caught and he's in his 50s.

    Like kurt said the odds are against you, but if your smart about it your odds increase.
  6. How would you get caught...? Don't do anything in public.
  7. Nah i'd say most people never get caught by the police. If your gonna smoke in public then just be smart about it. Save the glass for a place where you can't get caught.

    Most of the people i know that have been caught are doing something dumb like smokin a bong/bowl in their car and they get pulled over and searched. I've been caught but it was because we were smoking on a park bench lol back when i thought i'd never get caught.

  8. I agree with this statement. I've been smoking for 7 years now and have never been in trouble with the law, never been pulled over. Just got to be smart.
  9. as long as your not selling it or buying large amounts or smoking in public you wont get caught or you shouldent i stay in my house with the bud i have i dont smoke outside and i make sure the house is sealed up tight
  10. My #1 rule is don't hang around with reckless people who draw attention to themselves. Basically, any kind of attention-seeking behavior is a huge red flag for me to keep my distance.
  11. Get caught by who exactly? The police or your parents? I've been smoking for 3 years and I haven't gotten caught by the police. I did get caught by my mom once because she saw my eyes, thing is they weren't even red. We're Jamaican so I guess she has experience with stoned people haha.
  12. :wave:

    41 years old..

    never got caught by cops or parents.
  13. yeah that.

    there's always those kids that no matter what, whenever they go out..the cops are involved in some way.

    stay away from them and other stupid people and you won't get busted.
  14. [quote name='"TokenTokerr"']Id say the people who get caught are in the minority, and ones who do are doing something stupid..[/quote]

    I'd say the people who get caught ARE minorities ;)
  15. Yes no matter how good you are if you do it enough ur bound to get caught
  16. No, I don't think getting caught is inevitable. I'd say it only seems like everyone gets caught eventually because you only hear stories of people getting caught. Nobody ever says "yeah man so the other day I picked up an ounce and on my way home I didn't see any cops and I didn't get caught. It was CRAZY, man!"
  17. I was caught by my mother fairly early on, in fact it was the first time myself and a friend had ever smoked weed...too long a story to tell, but the point was we weren't really aware about doing it discreetly, or how much smell it made.
    It was a lesson learned.
    Have always been discreet and sensible when I pick up, taken what I purchase directly home. I don't use in public, and I keep things low key.
    I'm not saying it's impossible...but...I'd say the odds are on my side.
    13+ years now.
  18. Buying at least small amounts of weight will lower your chances of getting caught. Running back and forth through town to get a gram everyday definitely increases your chances of getting hit
  19. Caught yes, prosecuted no you do not have to.My opinion anyway.
  20. [quote name='"TokenTokerr"']Id say the people who get caught are in the minority, and ones who do are doing something stupid..[/quote]

    Or sometimes they walk right through the god damn door, into your room and take your weed and arrest you.

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