Is Gc Hiding The gerneral From Me?

Discussion in 'General' started by HighAsPhuck, May 21, 2013.

  1. Maybe GC wants me to render myself retarded through T.H.C. extraction from the dried and cured marijuana.
    But is GC actually hiding the "General" section from me?  That's my favorite section of all time :(
    I have to enter it manually. :bongin:

  2. Maybe they want you to stop starting so many threads. 
  3. Lmfao if they are actually hiding it from you that is pretty amusing  :smoke:
  4. I seriously don't know know how to get there from
  5. Ummm, arnt you already here?
  6. Chill Out Zone>General It's easy enough to get to for me.  :confused_2: You could always add it to your bookmarks bar.
  7. honestly its in the same place it always was
  8. They plan to slowly cut off your access to grass city. They won't stop there, they will infect your computer with frog DNA until it catches a virus, driving you insane from computer failure. All of us hard drives; you are fatal, rendering you dead. Fortunately for me, I don't own crickets; they need not give me a virus.
    The Chill Out Zone is GONE.
  10. are you on mobile or what? cause it aint so for me
  11. Nope
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    so to me it looks like all routes to general are there for me too....You must have had your general use revoked ;)[​IMG]
  13. You probably just minimized it
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    @[member="gnik drazil"]
    Is there any way to change an old thread name? my Bling Bling thread on Gold and Silver jewelry is not really about bling, more of the finer things jewelry wise...Can you or anyone help me with that?
  15. You need to contact Moderation Team for that . I don't interfere with their job they are the masters regarding how things are handled on forum.

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