is fox farm tiger bloom is for flower...

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  1. is fox farm tiger bloom is for flower...and what bout grow big wat stage is that for....thanks peace

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  2. got to foxfarm web site complete feeding schedule for what week you are in
  3. Tiger bloom is for flower and grow big is for veg. I use grow big once in early flower
  4. Here u go this should help u out

    chill & smoke some bud!

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  5. you will use Big Bloom the most
  6. Just want to point out that chart is for soil growing. Most people using FF are growing in soil, but if you aren't that's not the right chart for you to go by.

    Obviously if you go by the chart, most of the other advice here is wrong. I'd say to go easy on the feedings and use a little less than the chart recommends.

    And if you are growing in hydroponics, don't use Fox Farms. I made that mistake, what a mess.
  7. What ya mean had problems wit hydro

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