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Is Fox farm organic nutes good for hydro.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by trueweedsmoker, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. Hi guys, Ive never used fox farm nutes before I was wondering since its hard to burn plants with organic nutes, How well does they do in a hydro grow. Is it hard to burn plants using organics in a hydro grow? How well do they do? Should I just go with sensi A & B?
  2. What organic nutes? I believe they are "organically derived" but pretty sure they aren't organic. Still need to PH and can still burn your plants
  3. I use general organic nutes in my hydro system. Last grow was my first and I burnt my plants. The only thing I find is that my drip emitters plug up some times easly cleaned with a hard toothbrush. My air stone also gets slimy. Other than that I don't know. I have never used synthetic nutes so I can't comment on potencu yeild and grow time. I hope this works I an new tl form and trhi g to learn how to use a new phone
  4. Fox farm isn't anywhere near organic, true organic is done in soil.. And yes is a hell of alot better/cheaper/easier imo
  5. I wouldn't really say it's HARD to burn plants with organic. It's less likely anyone would add enough, but you can certainly do it particularly if you're using a concentrated organic fertilizer.

    As far as the "true organic is done in soil" claim goes... you can safely ignore that. No matter how much of an Organic Nazi someone is, there's someone more extreme yet than they are. The only person that can determine whether something is organic by your standards is YOU. And no matter what you consider to be organic, there's someone out there who scoffs at you and says "no, it's not organic because X, Y, Z." Your guano doesn't come from certified free-range bats eating only the finest organic insects raised on the best organic insect food or some crap.

    Point is, no matter what anyone considers "organic", someone else say it isn't "organic enough". No true Scotsman. It's stupid to even argue about.

    So, to a constructive end, what exactly can you expect? Well as they've already said, you're going to have to clean more running Fox Farm nutes. They just don't refine them well enough to really run them in hydroponics. At the risk of saying "organic enough" they are admittedly "less organic" than most organic nutrients. So make your own call on that.

    If you want to go organic, in hydroponics, I'd say your best option is Iguana Juice. That's my opinion and as I've just clearly stated, worth something pretty much just to myself. The reason I say that is that it passes "organic" muster by most people's standards and it runs very, very clean in hydroponics. You'll clog spray nozzles and air stones and such maybe a bit quicker than you would on mineral nutes, but not by much.

    Yield... that's a can of worms. It's pretty safe to say that side-by-side your organic nutes won't give as much yield as mineral nutes. Whether that loss of yield is made up for in quality is up to individual taste. Some say it is, some say it isn't, and that's why you can buy both organic and mineral nutes.
  6. FoxFarm Big Bloom is organic. Kangaroots and Sledgehammer are also organic. The Microbe Brew has trace amounts of chemicals I believe. Grow Big and Tiger Bloom have chemicals added - and are very acidic. Open Sesame, Beastie Bloomz, and Cha-Ching are pure chemical. I am using them all right now. This is my first grow so I cannot give any results. In a few more grows I am going to run side by side comparisons with the FoxFarm line against an organic approach on two clones.
    PS - Grow Big comes in soil and hydro versions. All other products can be used for either I believe.

  7. fox farm says they have a complete organic line.

    im only leaving threads up so others can learn from them with all the help u guys and girls have given me. lol

    im using gh, black label atami, rock nutes, and dyna gro, with safwer earth, and another.....but im about to go get an

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