Is foliar feeding necessary????

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  1. Just wondering if any of you pros out there find it necessary to foliar feed your plants in hydro and why ????? Thanks for the help.
  2. The only time i find it "necessary" is to fix deficiencies. The plants absorb the nutrients faster this way and recover a little quicker. Besides that i only use foliars for Magnesium when i grow with FF. For some reason my plants almost always show a magnesium deficiency with FF when i switch to flower so i give a CalMag foliar feeding every sunday. Besides that you dont really have to but i have a friend who does it religiously and swears its better for your plants.
  3. Well, foliar feeding a lot of people debate over. I agree with the post above me, seems like I often get magnesium problems if I don't continue to use grow big throughout flowering with FF nutes.

    Foliar feeding is also best used to help a deficiency if you have one.

    I'll let you in on my secrets though. This may only work for FF nutes though, but I'll let you in on it anyway. When I set my plants to flower, once a week when they go to sleep for the day (when the light turns off) I go in and give them a heavy foliar feeding of the recomended amount of grow big.

    I make sure I spray the underneath of the leaves, and I get down in the small growth, and I spray it very heavily. I try to do it either in the morning before they are about to wake up, or right when they are about to go to sleep, this allows them to have maximum amount of time to absorb it and not have it either blown off by my fans, or evaporated by my lights.

    Can I say if it makes a huge difference? I dunno, but my girls always seem to like it.
  4. Hey Do Work, I have a quick question about your foliar feeding technique. I don't have my bottles of ferts here with me (I use FF too) and I'm wondering if you use the regular dose of Grow Big, or does the bottle include a Foliar Feeding Dose too? Thanks in advance!

    Good Growing and Happy Toking!
  5. the recommended dose is 1/2 tsp-1 tsp per gallon(gauge what you use by the size of your plants). It is located on the bottle. if you do this and keep a journal please let me know. id be interested to see if it really helps out that much.
  6. I went out and bought a cheap spray bottle for foiliar feeding plants, it cost me something like 1.00 lol. Fox Farm nutes have a foiliar feeding amount on the back of the bottles (at least grow big does).

    Just make sure when you mix it you mix it in a gallon, and then poor into your spray bottle. One day I was stoned (I admit it) and went to fill my spray bottle with the solution. I put the amount of nutes into the spray bottle, and then just filled my bottle up with water. Thankfully I realized I did it before I sprayed them, otherwise I would have mixed something like 1 tbsp with about 20 ounces of water haha.
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    Don't spray anything on your buds EVER. Keep it as dry as possible.

    Spraying your buds is a good idea only if you are growing it for hemp.

    Never Ever Spray Your Buds.... Ever
  8. If you have humidity problems, yes then I agree. Otherwise I wouldn't worry about it.
  9. Can you expand on that rumple? i know spraying is bad if you have a high risk of mold cause youre only promoting its growth but is there something else i should know lol?
  10. The plant's natural reaction to an arid environment is to produce more trichomes in order to keep the new seed pods from drying out.

    It will flourish in a humid enviromnet and grow more lush leaves to captures the moisture. It also has to produce less trichomes on the bud.

    So... High humidity (spraying your plants) is great if you are growing hemp. I don't grow hemp myself, I grow it for smoking proposes.

    We can talk about mildew and mold, but I think you can see that with no explanation.
  11. Thank you all for the help...I really appreciate the help!!!!
  12. great info rumple i never knew that. but youre right it makes perfect sense.

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