Is flushing necessary if using organic ferts?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by redlion, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. If you want taste do 3-4 weeks, like best tasting. But i recommend like at least 1 1/2-2 weeks
  2. The ground
  3. To answer your question, in my opinion, it is absolutely not necessary to flush especially if you are growing organically in the ground. You will get a different answer from some other people, but I disagree with them.

  4. ditto;)
  5. +2

    I grow organic and as far as I'm concerned there's nothing in there that I don't want in there.

    For those who do flush outdoor plants, unless one has 10' deep holes with 5' of sand at the bottom, where's it gonna go with a flush?
  6. my girl is just past her 6th week entering into week 7. she is outdoors in the ground and from a bagseed so i have no clue of the strain. my gut tells me it is gods gift. i would rather give fresh water for the next 2-4 weeks just in case because it is my first grow. and i want some good tasting bud. i am using the fox farms trio soil formula. some chemical and some organic ferts.
  7. The pot/indoor routine for flushing is 2-3 times container capacity at one shot; as soon as it drains repeat until one's preferred number is achieved. Difficult with an outdoor grow unless one's drainage is exceptional (which I'd consider a SW pure desert climate in the US or some serious backhoe work).

    Your plants might be dependent on the Fox Farm nutrient is what they'd like you to think and depend on you dumping another $20-? to ensure premium flower development. I don't know because I'm an organic grower and still haven't seen an organic standard approval on any of their products. Even the dairy I get my $15/P/U load of organic decomposed manure from brags about that certification and I have to call ahead to find out when I can get it.

    I can't answer your question. My gut says buy a $6 retail bottle of unsulphered molasses to help the soil, apply 1 tablespoon/gallon of water for each plant once a week up until two weeks and just keep them watered.
  8. There is an entire world living among your root system. Mycorrhiza - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia // You don't need to flush and as a matter of fact, I doubt flushing anything in open ground would have much effect if any.


  9. so you think no matter what if i use chemical ferts in ground i will not be able to leech out the ferts? no matter how long i give fresh water?
  10. btw the only thing organic in the fox farms trio is the big bloom. the grow big and the tiger bloom are are both chemical.
  11. No. That's not what I was getting at. You should be able to leach out some level of chem ferts unless you're growing in a bowl. Organic ferts are broken down and transported by bacteria and fungus. Two weeks of flushing is just a good rain to them.

  12. I have never found flushing has any discernible effect whatever with organic ferts. Can´t talk about chemical ferts, have never used them.
  13. Thanks guys for the quick replies, its one less hassle and one less trip.
  14. ditto too. I grow in containers and don't flush. I've been told directly and heard from other sources that my grass tastes better than "store bought."
  15. Does it even have organic certification or is it just a label advertising claim?

  16. certification? all i know is the bottle says 100% organic. i also talked to someone at Fox farms and they confirmed that it is the only organic fert they have in the trio.

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