Is flowering beginning to happen?

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  1. Checked out my plants. I have 7 girls. 5 special kush #1 and 2 cheese. They’re all feminized I made sure when I bought them off Seedsman. Most of my plants are getting these white hair pistol looking things. Is this good? [​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. Yup that’s good, it’s how you know they are female. They get the hairs and not balls, flowering is beginning for stuff
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  3. Is good, yes.
  4. Give em another week or two before ya start the count down of flower staged don’t wanna harvest to early
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  5. Congrats....the ultrasound worked.....its a girl.

    As you can see, white hairs are good

    Yes, they are beginning to flower
  6. Yes, the white pistils indicate female. Note however than they can still revert to male and/or become hermies. I got good advice to watch carefully, and was able to remove a female that went male early.
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