Is fertilizer absolutely necessary for growing autoflowers?

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  1. I bought Hindu Kush auto flowers fems from growerschoiceseds that claims to have a flowering time of just over a month and a half. I've had bad experiences in the past with happy frog granule fertilizer that has more phosphorus than nitrogen and applying them while my autoflower was still in it's vegetative stage and it gets burned so I have to discard them.

    Will I still get a good amount of yield if I grow my 1.5 to 2 month cycle autoflower with just water alone in my fox farm soil with a 132 watt LED grow light? I just keep having trouble applying ferilizer and I don't want to keep ruining my new autoflowers by applying ferts that I'm not sure how to use properly.

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  2. John Innes no 2. Plant from the get go into a 10 gallon+ pot. No worries.
  3. As a new grower you have more chance of success using no fert/nutes than it you did using them
    as often it a delicate business getting the balence right
    add none you can change your mind later
    more important in early flower
    where you can foilar spray if required

    remember its a WEED it grows everywhere but in a nute bottle

    with FFOF you will be good but its a hot soil IMO: mix in 25% perlite
    or clean river sand to cut it back a little

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  4. What soil you recommend? What foilerspray you recommend?

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  5. I use Fox Farn Grow Big as a foilar spray.
    1/4 tsp per gallon, pour in a spray bottle and spray every 4 days.

    You nees to find the right nuts.
    Their is veg and bloom nutrients.
    Mixing granulated nuts to your soil is a no no, unless you are using coco and need to amend it.

    Use nuts, but start at 1/4 strength. Foiler spray feedings work great too.
  6. FFOF if you have to buy a soil or better make your own ..its fun
    then again I add nettles and their teas during veg and confrey compost and teas in flower
    for me its free
    Then again I'm the type of guy whoose added a tsp of my pee to a pint spray
    filled with water and sprayed 2x per week for that free (N)

    anything with kelp or fish waste is good

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  7. I mix 2 x 1 gal scoops happy frog with
    2 x 1 gal scoops roots organic original
    1.5 gal ocean forest with 1 gal scoop hydrotone pellets for drainage mix
    Fills a 5 gal tall perfectly.
    I dont use nutes until late week 3-4
    Only silica and Soul-N "nitrogen" suplaments with ph 6.5 balance water in the beginning stage along with every other watering I give them worm casting tea .
    Works great for me . Once they start flowering then I kick in the kool bloom
    But I think they'd grow fine without any of that in any one of those nutes in the soils I use .
    Anything with worm casting or bat guano will be sufficient for veg and bloom .

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  8. organics fertilizers are usually very safe to use, because they are very diluted
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  9. What do you suggest?

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  10. Organic compost tea , worm castings Tea .
    Great ferts .
    The hydro shop by me gives it free on Monday and friday.
    Good stuff you can blow out a full grow veg-bloom with no flush
    water - tea - water -tea schedule

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  11. I discovered a field full of comfrey bear myt house last week. Ordered a ton bag of wood chippings from a local tree surgeon for £30 delivered. Thats me sorted with enough compost in about 4-5 weeks to fill my new raised beds. Cant go wrong with FREE stuff.

    I like eating nettles myself, tastes really peppery.
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  12. I was just reading about urine.
    All about ones diet .
    Dont think someone who has a bigmac large fries and a leg soda would cut it

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  13. The Best Fertilizers for Growing Cannabis [The Complete Guide]

    Here is a good Natural list

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  14. Im growing the same strain from Growers Choice at the moment, im at 61 days with about another week-and-a-half to go before harvesting the top cola. The only additions I used was a small bit of Ironite to solve an iron issue.

    That 45-55 flowering time is just referencing when the plant will begin to flower. Be ready to let it go 2+ months easy.
  15. I am in same question I'm 70/39 forest grow and miracle I also added basil gel out door pest but growth is slow
  16. I suggest to you some organic fertilizer like Biocanna, but i don't know what brands are available in your country, please use half dose first, good luck!

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