Is existence good?

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  1. Nobody wanted or asked to be born, and as soon as we are born we are doomed to death. So I ask you what is worse - non-existence or death?
  2. i'm leaning toward non-existence. we assume too much about death, it might be a fuckin' blast. even if it isn't, what comes before it is better than a complete lack of anything, even if it isn't such a great life.
  3. Non-existence creates existence. Death creates life. The opposites are true as well, and in fact it is in the opposite form that I would normally say it.

    What if you don't subscribe to absolute notions that inherently create its opposite. What is left?
  4. They're both the same, right?

    And non-existence couldn't be better than existence, it couldn't be anything at all by definition.
  5. Good to hear some intellect -->TheJourney.

    As humans, we are spiraling into nothingness. quick example, we are constantly advancing esp. through technology.. so what happens when you push a ball all the way up a hill? It must roll down the other side, or the same side i suppose, so in a profound way to answer your question, we will either self-destruct as a species or revert back to a natural sense and start over. existence vs death. like I said, the only thing that can be concluded is nothing... we spiral in nothingness ..

    I smoke motha fuckers under the table, dank and intellect, nah i aint stable
  6. yes. existence is good, if we didn't exist there would be'd rather have anything over nothing.:rolleyes:
  7. good? yes.

    our existance is a gift, regardless of who you believe in, the fact remains that we are here, and here is amazing,

    enjoy life. thats the point:wave:

    can you even imagin what nothing would be like? didnt think so, probly be boaring though, of coarse bordom would be an emotion, and thus something

    in fact, my theory is that nothing is impossible, if nothing existed, neither would time, therefore, before everything, was nothing
  8. Somethings better then nothing. Sometimes.
  9. Existence is.

  10. This is exactly what i was going to say. It isnt bad, it isnt good, it just IS.

    I cant rep you now cause ive given out too much, but i will find you later!

  11. this guy got it right.
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    I guess it depends on your value of life
  13. Existence is everything.... The only thing that doesn't exist is nothing.

    PS: How do you know we didn't ask to be born? Maybe before you were conceived, you were somewhere else, and decided to live a human life. I'm sure we probably didn't.... but there's always the possibility.
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    Well according to his question it all depends on whether or not you value your existence
    Life is independent within a whole system and spontaneous with each one coming forth due to creation with function being a catalyst
    Not to mention my belief in Jehovah
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    Using your analogy - How do we know how high this hill is? The hill could be infinitely high, and yet we won't know for sure that we've been falling or when we started falling until we have hit the ground.

    Before one asks if existence is good, one must ask, is my extistence good?
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    Down with serial killers, rapist. And puppy kickers.
    Sometimes it goes hand and hand, maybe depending on how sympathetic someone is, unable to cope or deal with the existence around them

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