Is everything just waves of color?

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  1. I aplogize if what I say does not hold any scientific truth, I am only basing what I say off the top of my baked brain. Feel free to bash or school me :D

    What is color, really? I mean color in its natural form is simply a spectrum of light that carries some form of energy. Different sources of energy give off heat that is released in a wave of color. Seeing as everything either absorbs or reflects light in the process of transmission, wouldn't that make every single object we perceive be constructed of color? Meaning that everything you are is simply a manifestation of energy and the colors it creates :eek:... if that made sense.

    On a more bodily level, take the pupil of your eye for example. The color of it is completely black to allow light to pass in order for you to perceive the things around you. We receive this sight as light reflecting off an object. In a way your pupil is the gateway to your brain where all this information is processed.

    I think Syd Barrett said it best: "You are only coming through in waves" :smoking:
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    Yeah, everything has a color... so long as it is existing, it is vibrating creating waves.

    But in a sense, there is no color. Sure, the frequencies are real, but where does orange-ness come from? Where does blue exist?

    The Mind.
  3. yes, color is a sensation in the mind. The redness of an apple is not in the apple itself, it is in your mental perception of the apple.
  4. Color = light.
  5. Yeah man, Color is just our mind processing light. Different frequencies of light.

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