is everything ignisificant?

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  1. I was thinking why don't animals get depressed and kill themself? Don't they realize the universe is entirely pointless and just want to skip life entirely or else why would you want to hang out with a bunch of animals that hate your guts?

    Ofviously everything is a super metaphor for something else, so everything we send to our window of perception is either a real construction of the universe or some fabricated like that means something else, so what if you sent happiness?

    I believe that the universe only happens once, this is it and after this nothing will ever be again, or from before that. Its the only reality that makes any sense, and it proves that God is real too. Otherwise if we could live forver we wouldn't care so much about fucking up right now. Think about it. If I knew this was our only shot to do anything ever I'd do it, which is precisely why animals must care so much about their life. We are omniciont beings who don't need clues about the universe because we have them all inside us.

    So if cause is duality and that is merely a reubric for our intentions then religion must expouse the equvolency of mice and men. I'm pretty sure thats the correct theory. By the way, I am not gay.

  2. patterns of the mind dictate how we will live our lives. animals dont have the same thoughts as us, they focus on food to keep alive, water if they are thirsty and getting their genes out there and reproducing.

    just because you are intelligent doesnt mean your house cat is.
  3. honestly?

    i dont think most animals have the brain power to know how to kill themselves let alone know what keeps them alive

    imagine a duck trying to hang himself, or stop breathing, or drown

    he doesn't know these concepts, they are all made up by us, part of the Great Illusion
  4. Only volitional beings are able to work towards their own destruction. Man must either have everything handed to him or he must use his reason to survive. when we ignore the reasonable and rational, we work to our own destruction.

    Non-volitional life (plants, most animals, etc), will always work to survive. They are incapable of conciously deciding to stop living.

  5. exactly?
  6. its interesting what aspects you focus on

    I was born spiritual so don't give me crap

    I think life is just an organizational being

  7. I asked a very simple question about a very outlandish claim. If that's "giving you crap" then you already knew how outlandish it was to begin with.
  8. Why the need to point out you're not gay?
  9. god is was and always has been therefore he was neither created nor destroyed. energy can neither be created nor destroyed therefore it is was and always has been. god=energy
    energy= all matter in the universe. god is us and everything around us the bible is just interpreting something we cant understand converting it into symbolism. obviously if you live a negative life it means your in a hell and a positive life lived is heaven. and dying is eternal. I don't believe in this state im in, any aspect of it but I am locked here in this world and no matter what i do i can't free myself from its binds even death wont but yet for some reason i still try to find a foundation for this intricate structure or at least find out how it will collapse on itself, like an unstable atom. I will never know what death is like because i will not be this anymore when it happens. it is a ultimate dream that will be completely forgotten and never brought up again even if it does i have had no knowledge of it and if it has it has been happening infinitely and forever will. it is everything and it is nothing it is god. you cannot make something out of nothing and you cant make nothing out of something so we must be infinite because if not we are nothing.
  10. Humans are the most arrogant species on the planet, and since we place ourselves high on a pedestal, we disregard most everything - unless it benefits us in some superficial way.

    To answer you though: no, we are not insignificant. We all were given a chance to 'live', but where we fail is how we continually second guess our human-nature; as we are kept oppressed by all of these laws and 'morals' that were shoved down our throat since birth.

    I'm not saying that some laws, or morals are bad to have; on the contrary, we need them to excel as a species. What I am saying is that if we lived simply, by a minimal set of rules; treat others how you wish to be treated, RESPECT other persons space/property, and to live humbly, we would find contentment somewhere in there, thus, begin the healing of nations. Live and let live.

    "spread love like a wildfire"
  11. I too believe we should respect others and everything around us but that is because we are ultimately respecting ourselves we are all one thing and that is energy that is "god" but my question is the unanswerable one and that is whats the next step above god. if everything that is bigger is made out of something smaller which it is, then everything smaller has to be made out of something bigger there can never be a biggest or smallest therefore there is even something bigger than infinite. nothing knows of this though therefore rendering the question pointless but nonetheless the question is still there. really soak in this concept and try to make a diagram or chart if you will, in your mind as this is what will forever bother me. the thing known and not known. its a paradox that i cant stop thinking about.

  12. Hey! He was born not gay! Don't give him crap! :p
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    Animals are in many ways superior to us. We are the only species that kills each other in the millions. Animals focus on survival and continuation of their species. What do we focus on? Money and Power... Humans will most likely wipe ourselves out. lets hope we dont take all the other animals with us... And no you cannot prove god exists. If being here is the only thing that proves gods existence for you then you have a pretty low standard of proof.

    It makes mathmatical sense for there to be an infinite number of alternate universes Physicists Calculate Alternative Universes .

    EDIT: I am not trying to knock your beliefs, but dont state things as fact when they are your beliefs and you lack information...

    And Yes we are insignificant galaxies can hold trillions of stars, and there are so many galaxies that even hubble cant see them all. we are 1 tiny organism on 1 tiny planet in 1 tiny solar system...

    What you said about people being Omniscient is pure hubris.
  14. I wasn't trying to give him crap... :eek:

    Actually I was trying to tell him,

    "Don't say things like, "i'm not gay." coz it makes it sound like there's something wrong with being gay. If you're gay, say you're gay. Nothing wrong with that. But if you're not, then say nothing. There is no need."
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    Because they most likely don't have consciousness (as we know it). And much like our ancestors, never questioned the meaning of life, only lived it.

    This is disputed.

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    It must suck to be you.

    The reason animals dont get depressed is because they don't have reason. They know, but they don't know that they know. They can understand how something works. If I do this, this happens, but they can't understand WHY that is. WHY is the main element of reason.

    If you think this life is it, your sadly mistaken. If only you guys could truly realize your immortality, that your body is NOT you. That you have no beginning or end. Your true essence is of God Himself, being immortal and eternal, you have always existed, and always will, however you have not always been conscious of your existence because it wasn't until the creation of the universe that the soul was created, but the soul is merely a vehicle as well.

    The whole idea that we live once and have no chance to redeem ourselves is not what Jesus or anyone else taught. This wasn't thought up until much later. Reincarnation was known in old testament and new testament times, as well as in Islam and every other major religion. It is people who have no spiritual development that come up with such bullshit theology, because they've never themselves experienced anything higher than an intellectual thought.

    If God created everything on the first 6 days, is it not contradictory to believe that new souls are being created as time progresses?
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    We have pretty solid evidence that this wasn't always here. So that kinda throws your eternal god out the window. And if there is an eternal god, why did he wait an infinite amount of time to start the universe?

    "Was he preparing Hell for people who asked such questions?" :laughing:
  18. This would be correct if God were the physical manifestation of the Universe itself, however, God is not the universe itself. Also, you do not know what was here before the bang. An action cannot happen without something causing that action to spring into effect. If your laws of physics dictate physical matter, how could a causeless cause spring a big bang into action?

    So either there is such thing as an effect without cause, which would shatter the theories of physics altogether, or there was never a first cause, and there has been cause and effect going on for eternity. Which one is it?

    There is no hell.

    Again, you seem to think God is some man who did nothing at all for eternity before He banged the Universe into existence. The universe exists within God, but it is not God as it is not the Whole. Your brain cannot comprehend eternity or infinity, so therfor you deem such things impossible as if the human race is at the height of consciousness, being capable of knowing all we'll ever know, that we evolved to this point of self consciousness and intellect, yet we will evolve no further, which also goes against the theory of evolution that things are constantly evolving.
  19. okay so obviously its possible to imagine the aspect of negativity, imagine other dimensions and stuff, we know everything

    if god wanted me to be proved wrong it probably wouldn't be that hard so it must be the correct reality, but the question that boggles me is why is everything in such a different form make all of thise crazy sense, like fire and rain.
  20. So what is it?

    Because such questions are meaningless.
    What is causeless? I find there's more evidence suggesting that nature wants to create universes than god. This is suggested in the quantum principle.
    In quantum physics, the LAWS of Newton are wrong. Physics on a microscopic scale is much different and we can't say we grasp it fully yet.
    I don't think god is anything. :p
    Natural selection suggests that organisms evolve as a means to survive. When you're survival is never questioned, such is now the case of humans, things can go deviate. And saying that we're not evolving isn't entirely correct, you can witness the change in humans by simply seeing the average height of man over the past two thousand years.

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