Is everyone ****ing mental?

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  1. i see it to, but we're just animals and REALLY think about it, we all come from different places, so expect differences in humor, the way people treat eachother etc. also really use your brain for this one, we're stoned animals.

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  3. Yeah, I followed that guy around...via the internet..after he said he'd 'blocked' me and continued on his misguided rant.
  4. Cuz you didn't have to use your AK?
  5. Op

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  6. Lmfao. It's just a forum dude. It's what a lot of people do.Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  7. This thread is like a mental ward.. If you're not crazy going into it, you will be coming out of it.
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    [quote name="snoopdog6502" post="19040783" timestamp="1385323152"]Go to any forum of any type and you will find people who ate leaded paint chips as a kid.[/quote]I respect your idea, but not all wall candy eaters are crazy. Most are, but not all. That's just like someone saying everyone who smokes pot is immature.Edit: but that shits funny though.
    Humor was what I was shooting for...
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    ya know op... when you think everyone else is the problem... its usually you. to be fair your egocentric personallity has obviously clouded your self-perception so i understand you cant help it. but you should really try to direct your anger at the source and deal with it. this is how serial killers come about... sooo please get help normally this would have been considered a conciltation but instead just consider it friendly advice. coming from someone who deals with crazy people erryday. you need to move past this denial stage... it can be very detrimental to your social and mental health. and as stated before can become misplaced rage that could very well lead to violence.

    so please enlighten us on this person you recently had to cut ties with because they were crazy...not saying this is THE reason just trying to help pinpoint it...
  11. There really isn't a definition of insanity since we invented the threshold for normality. Sent from my SCH-I545 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  12. WOOO! *hangs on to a chandler* Not everyone, thats too board of a range. For sure though, im pretty cray-cray. Especially when im high.
  13. OP I think it is in your best interest to chug copious amounts of orange juice
  14. Honestly I have no ieea what you're talking about

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  15. Your first time on the internet?
  16. Im glad I just read this entire thread lolSent from The Gods.
  17. It's a forum for stoners. We're all high. When I'm not high, I'm a respectable human being.
  18. This forum doesn't revolve around just "consuming" cannabis (we also discuss smoking it ,cultivating it ,and using it to make materials that can greatly benefit society)  considering the fact that the definition of consumption is to eat or drink ,so technically I can call the very first sentence of your post ignorant. It's all a matter of "perspective my friend".
  19. Ahhhh, high times yo

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