Is everyone ****ing mental?

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    Says the guy who spends a whole thread talking about how badass he is :laughing:

  2. I don't know why but I laughed at the deer teeth
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    So what? They are talking about how crazy and angry they are/get. I am simply saying you might think you are, but I know I am and Ive got the tools to back it up, mentally and otherwise. And before all that I was just trying to get him to look at things different way. I saw Mac following me around just as I returned. I was trying to diffuse an unavoidable situation. How am I at fault when I walked way? How am I the bad guy for ending it? I dont get what you all try to make me out to be. I dont care and wont stand for it because I know for a fact through personal experiences who I am as a person. 
    Ya because e-dick competitions are quality posts that better the forums :laughing:
    Most people who claim to be insane or bad are the ones that bitch out when you're about to kick in someones door and do work. Seen it a hundred times.
  5. I left for a couple hours and this dude is still going on.  Getting kind of pathetic.
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    I left too, chill its the weekend and some of us have lives and havent been here in months. Back off 
    See what im saying? You dont know the half of it and you gotta talk down to me. Why? Who are you?
    See what I mean about the atmosphere?
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    No one is having a competition. I cant show my guns, remember?
    Anyhow besides that playful literary point, what competition? Sorry Ill say nothing and let them be crazy and angry around here.
  8. Since that is the role everyone wants me to play, fuck it. Run wild in this bitch is apparently the motto of the day.
    Noone was angry to begin with  :laughing: idk where you got that from.
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    So that wasnt hostile at all? That wasnt an angry comment? Because that was literally the start of it all.
    Thats page one
    Come on, who is really wrong. This is the bullshit.
    No it wasn't. He was saying that people might misconstrue your attempt to give advice as you telling them what to do and rejecting it.
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    Deleted due to upload error. Will return shortly, with a drink and a smoke ;)
  13. I didn't take it as hostile or angry at all.  He offered you his opinion on why people may not accept your advice and you went all hulk through the rest of the thread.
  14. I'm disappointed I missed out on this thread. 
  15. It's cool I'm here to settle the balance
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    Bam, son! Pararescue humor patch. Came from the exact same quote. In case you didn't know, they're a SOF (spec ops force). (little insight into the PJs, a little about the Cheshire Cat origins)
    Besides that, it's the fucking Cheshire Cat. It means mad as in crazy. Like the British meaning of the word.
  17. Just had to ;)

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  18. lol he looks like me when I was 14 1/2??

    “Lewd is the reason my Mom forgot me”– Kevin McCallister (Home Alone 1. Home Alone 2 sucked)

  19. LOL yeah, same hairstyle and everything. You seem mad chill tho. 
  20. I gotta say it was a good day.

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