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Is Every Strain A Hybrid?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SmokeWeedEveryOtherDay, Jul 22, 2014.

  1. My friend is telling me that you can't just buy a 100% sativa or indica strain and everything is at least somewhat hybrid. Is this true or can you get a straight up sativa/indica strain?
  2. In my non expert opinion I think sativas are almost all hybrids due to low yield of pure sativas.  But I think you can get pure indicas with less trouble. 
  3. That's weird because I was asking her about getting indica and she was telling me you can't get it without it being a hybrid.
  4. Not that I am any kind of expert but yeah chances are it has all kinds of stuff mixed in... how many people do you meet who are like just irish? or just African? that being said there are strains who show only indica or sativa specific traits through all of the pheno types.
  5. Obviously your friend is just spouting lies as fact. Don't quote me on this, but I'm pretty positive that pure sativa is out there, just very rare. Most of all sativa you'll find nowadays is a hybrid, it is real easy to find pure indica. But most of what you'll find nowadays is a hybrid, pretty disappointing when you think about it.
  6. truth, pure landrace sativas are a gemstone. Even 100% indicas are difficult to find, almost everything is a mutt of somekind nowadays :p
  7. Does this mean I can mix blueberry and cherry pie and have hits that taste like blueberry AND cherry pie? Or blueberry cherry girlscout cookies pie... Mmmm, munchies, diabetes...  :smoking:
  8. Technically, most strains are crosses, but few are "hybrids." The word "hybrid" has been thoroughly misused.
  9. Pretty much all. Probably every strain you'll find will be a highbred. The strains we know are crossed from other strains and has to have an origin. There are(or have been) pure sativa/indica strains, just rare
  10. I would say that this is a mostly true statement, while I'm sure there are 100% strains, I believe a majority of the medicinal marijuana and/or marijuana found in the streets is hybrid.
  11. Except for the very uncommon "landrace" strains (as I understand, a landrace strain is geographically isolated and developed without mixed genetics) most of the bud you'll see is hybridized. You'll see strains described as sativa dominant or indica dominant. Check out leafly or other websites to browse different strains.
  12. most are mixed with another strain, but the ones that are like 70% indica/sativa or higher i wouldnt consider a hybrid
  13. of course not. you can find pure strains, but mostly in seed banks. if you live in a non medical state theres a really high chance youve never not smoked a hybrid though.

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