Is English your second language?

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  1. For those of you who are you dream in other languages? Do your dreams consist of all languages you speak?

    Curious...very curious :D
  2. damnn thats a crazy thought, i wanna know to
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    is this a quote from harry potter
  4. Yes, indeed.
  5. siht si ni esrever

    like this if you get my message
  6. English is my first language, but I am classically trained in ghetto-tongue, or "streetspeek" as its known to its users.

    Occasionaly I'll find myself dreaming of sipping cognac and smoking a cigar in my leather armchair by my firecplace before a dark skinned man, or "*****" in ghetto-tongue, intrudes and asks me "yo, wig! ya gotz nee o dat fyne bitchsawz, sa i can drip dat sheet aww ova my dick and mak yo silly white crakka ass lick it off. na'mean. or yoo jus' holdn bak 4 yo momma cum and giv ya purmishun, u noe?"
    Roughly translated: Good evening fine sir, can I slip my penis into your cognac so you can lick it off? Why are you hestitating, I hope I have not offended you in some way. I'm very eager to have an intimate relationship with you.

    Honestly, I find this re-occuring dream very disturbing. I hate cognac.
  7. you might be a closet...
  8. think about dreams to people that never learned any babies that get placed on a deserted island and left there.
  9. Ich spreche Deutsch, aber ich bin besser mit Englisch.
  10. English is my first language but I know Spanish as a result in living in Arizona for over a decade, being around Spanish speakers, and having a formal education in Spanish.

    It's funny because when people speak Spanish around me they don't expect a gringo to understand what they are saying.

    So if I'm chilling with some Mexican dude, and someone comes up and asks in Spanish "what's this bitch doing here" ill reply in English, "I'm not a bitch, asshole" and they shut up.
  11. english is my first language but i had a dream that i was in brasil and i was speaking fluent portuguese. except it wasnt actually portuguese, i can speak it but not very well, it was a made up language that was supposed to be portuguese in my own little imagination world.

    and it all made sense like an actual language that i've been speaking forever.

  12. Yes it is haha
  13. yeah my dreams are a mixture of english german and turkish.. little turkish... even had arabic in it ( from living in an arab country) even tho i dont speak it lol
  14. durpa durpa?
  15. hahahaha you say that like babies are left routinely in the desert.
  16. we spoke nothing but hebrew at home growing up so that does influence my dreams some times. im pretty bad at english grammar and spelling anyway haha so its just easier to default to hebrew
  17. only dream in german :)

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