Is ebola airborne?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by dokc, Oct 17, 2014.

  1. Ebola is airborne. 

    People infected are allowed to fly through lack of caution. Nevermind wether or not they are contagious.

    Politicians need to put politics aside.
    Healthcare workers need to gut up.

    All this lollygagging.

    Ebola is airborne because professionals in the field concerning ebola are not acting professionally.

    Health care workers know the task and risk at hand. Diplomats are squandering time for personal gain.

    Wake up people.
  2. Oh that ebola is so last week

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  3. No. It's not airborne. Please stop fear mongeringing.

    It's spread through bodily fluids. It results in a hemorrhagic fever, which produces a lot of bodily fluids.

    As I posted in another thread... Look at the H1N1 pandemic from 2009. That was an airborne virus. In less than a year it infected upwards of 20% of the world's population. That's 400 million people.

    Ebola has infected approximately 6,000 people. Let's PLEASE put this in perspective.

    Tuberculosis infects more U.S. citizens in a year then Ebola has infected the entire world's population.

    If it were airborne, it would much worse.
  4. Any evidence or just your opinion? It may be airborne, but there is no evidence to support it yet.

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  6. Yes its airborne, because people are flying in the air with it!
    Anyway, no its not airborne in a medical sense. Its spread through bodily fluids and cant survive outside that fluid, it cant actively travel the airways. Look up "droplet infection".
    From point A to B yes you can fly.
  8. And only when ebola is inside a person that boards a plane is it airborne. In and of itself, it's not. :smoke:
  9. "Ebola Is Airborne" could be a good headline for the msm, even if they're just talking about people flying on planes with it some would see the headline and freak out. Perfect fearmongering :eek:


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  10. if ebola was traveling at 65 mph, and a train was traveling at 85 mph yet the train needs to travel 2 miles further... I am going to bed

  11. Me and my mom have been talking a lot about it, I don't believe it's airborne per say, but I do believe it might be another strain that's harder to contain than previous years.

    My mom was telling me about their new protocol if patients meet criteria of an Ebola patient. They are to do nothing. They are not to draw blood, incubate, even resuscitate. Just report to the cdc.

    That's actually pretty disturbing since flu season is on it's way. How will they differentiate between Ebola and the flu? It's unsettling. But I'm not too worried, yet.
    I'm much more concerned with obesity killing Americans then ebola.
    If I am in fear of anything it is the incompetence I have seen with America's procedure involving ebola. If this wasn't ebola and something far more dangerous would you be pleased with what is happening? 
    Because you seem to be ok with incompetence.
    I want to learn from this experience. We who are not affected are blessed that this wasn't something serious.
    And in fact none of this matters because we are a signularity of infinite mass inside a purple elephants buttonhole.
    Arguments based on perspective are fun indeed.
    Think big picture man. This was allowed on a plane. If some much more deadly comeuppings gets on a plane is this how you would want it to be recived?
  15. Yes, ebola can travel the world. And if not attacked right way, we can all be wiped out. But your definition of airbourne is not right. The world is concerned. We will take care of it. There is nothing to worry about unless somebody spits on you in West Africa.
    Different issue than what you originally brought up for discussion ...
    Change is scary man.
    Thats why I don't wear undersell when I eat taco bell  ;)

    Thanks man.
    Genuinely not concerned. Just made a cheap title to bring traffic and discussion here. I'm not perfect, don't pretend to be.

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