is DXM safe while sleeping?

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  1. usually when i look back on a bad trip im like wow that makes no sense. this one does. is it a serious threat when it comes to me being so dissociated then adding sleep that my body becomes so disociated and relaxed that my heart just stops? is it possible? i cant find any info on this anywhere... just sudden death because ur so out of it
  2. Are you high right now?
  3. Usually if you're taking enough DXM you won't be falling asleep. It has a stimulent like effect that seems to 'stack' upon itself as you increase your dosage.

    However, if you're taking 3rd and 4th (4th especially) plateau doses you should NOT even attempt to go to sleep. DXM causes respiratory depression, and I know, from personal experience, that at high doses I've always felt like I have to make myself breathe (although I really don't, I just get freaked out because I can no longer 'feel' myself breathing).

    Stay up, and have a sitter if you're taking such high doses. If you're experiencing this on smaller doses you should definitely just stop dexing.
  4. Hahahahaha!!!
    I don't know why, but I cracked up when I read this!
    But yeah, I wouldn't think you'd be able to fall asleep in the first place, and I'd be extremely surprised if anyone could provide some evidence that supports sudden death while sleeping under the influence of DXM ever being able to happen.
  5. I've actually slept on DXM several times. Usually it's due to the long wait for it to kick in and I just pass out while waiting. I didn't experience any negative effects, although I was only dosing at second plateau.

    It's actually pretty interesting to wake up in the middle of the night in the middle of a "trip". The what the fuck factor is pretty crazy. I've also had weird almost lucid dreams while sleeping on DXM which were pretty cool.

    But I'm not a doctor so I can't give you a hundred percent positive that's it's safe, just my experience. I would also make sure your only dosing DXM, anything else is dangerous in itself and could possibly exacerbate that situation, if it is a risk.
  6. My last dxm trip, also the one that made me reconsider ever using dxm for recreational purposes, but thats besides the point

    My bud and I downed 1 bottle, like 370mg of dxm, our other friend took 2 of the same.

    P (took the 1 bottle) threw up about 15 minutes later, and me, never having nausea before threw up right after him :(

    J (took 2 bottles) didn't throw up, and around an hour after dosing, we were tired from throwing up, and our buddy whose apartment we were chilling at was tired, so we decided to split, I drove J in his car to his place and ran back for my car..

    The next day I called J and asked how his trip went at his parents house, he got home around the time he was coming up on all of that dxm lol.

    He said that he fell asleep, but woke up drenched in sweat, which brings me to the point, I think you can sleep on dxm if you're able to fall asleep before the peak, but like someone already said it does have a stimulating effect
  7. i don't recomend drinking anything while sleeping.
  8. While you physically can, its not healthy to since theirs alot that can go wrong while ur trippin.
  9. :hello:
    I'm laughing so damn hard right now.
    And falling asleep while on DXM is not fun from my experience.
    Since I was shirtless the roboitch felt soooooooooo damn good I just kept rolling there on my matress for like an hour. After I stopped moving it felt like pins pricking my back.. I rubbed my back raw.
    Was sore for a few days..
    Oh and the waking up in dizzyness and sweat isn't fun.

    And why would someone dose on DXM then fall asleep? I've never noticed any differences in dreams..
  10. i was hopeing someone would find that as funny as i thought it was lol.
    but on a serious note, every time i've done dxm and fell asleep while still under the influence, i've woken up with one fuck of a hangover.
    stay awake and float for the duration, then fall asleep. at least that way you'll wake up sober lol.

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