Is dry ice good?

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  1. I was told that melting the dry ice above your garden can increase flower size and potencey. Just wondering if that's true.

    Also, here's a couple pics of my latest ladies!

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  2. When dry ice melts.. it's like having a CO2 generator.. I can see how it can help.. you probably won't have a massive difference... if its a small space I just breathe on them. Semms liek they get enough co2 that way.
  3. forgive me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't you need a ppm meter to really see where your concentration levels are at? Just blindly throwing in CO2 isn't the best thing for your babbies.
  4. I heard this from a couple of people. Its not an all the time thing though. Maybe 2-3 times during flowering. It'd be cool to know if this works.
  5. We call it "Gassing"

    You add small amounts of dry ice to a metal bowl of warm water you will see the fog effect, seal the room for an hour while lights are on, if you have exhaust fans turn then off while "gassing" unless they are used to cool your light. After an hour check and see if the fog is still coming from the bowl if so close the door and wait 30 more minutes then turn all fans back on this can be done 3 times a day while lights are on.

    If you choose to use dry ice be very careful always where thick cloth gloves when handling dry ice, it can cause severe burns.
  6. good golly miss molly!!! how many frikkin times do people have to ask this question??? doesn't anyone search before asking? the quick, simple frikkin answer is this, no!!! in order to gain any benefit from adding co2 to your grow, you need to ensure the environment is correct. co2 isn't some magic bullet that'll ensure you have an awesome crop. if you don't make sure that all of your ducks are lined up, you may as well be sucking up the co2 yourself. doesn't anyone search and read here??????????????

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