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Is Dro weed anything special?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Pitphanatic, Apr 27, 2016.

  1. Just curious. I got a new dealer and he offered me an oz of Dro for $230. Is it worth it?
  2. Just means it was grown in hydro. Some people use it as a term for quality however...

    But the answer is, it depends on the grower. Just inspect before you buy.
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  3. doesnt really mean much these days hehe
  4. dro = weed.
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  6. It was special in 1992
  7. Come on guys, when ur new to something. You dont know. 1st post summed it up nicely. Hopefully you can sample with him to see if its good. Good would imply nice taste, smell, and high. Not too much stem or seeds. 230 seems low, but all places are different.

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  8. Dro/Loud whatever... IMO if if smokes/taste/has a good high, $230 is an excellent price. Here we pay around $15-$20 a gram

    Documenting noobs first grow
  9. It used to mean cannabis grown in a hydroponic set up.

    Today it just means you're about to be charged for a fancy name. Rather it was grown hydroponically is a crap shoot

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  10. 220 what I pay for a tub of medical

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  11. I don't buy zips from new dealers. I buy between a gram and an 1/8 on the first buy to test the product, if it's worth buying more of I go from there.

    230 is expensive where I am(Texas) but it could be a lot worse. If it's good quality weed I'd go for it.
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