Is Drive Club shitty?

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by aToker, Oct 10, 2014.

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    I was really excited to pick this game up tomorrow, but after seeing all of the 5/10-7/10 reviews Im really bummed out. Fucking Sony can't even deliver 1 good racing game for the PS4.

    But, the game may be good as sometimes reviews are wrong. Has anyone played this? Please share your experience, thanks.
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    Ive herd good things....IGN's reviews are always crap. so dont go by that. They rated the game Thief at like a 5 out of 10...but for a First Person Sneaker the game was amazing..8/10 for me. needed more maps

    But anyways, Drive Club i herd was saposed to be good. Need For Speed obviously went into the craper, Drive Club, it wont hurt to buy it or at least rent it, Im going to from redbox today. 

    The way games been going lately and its all about how good the game LOOKS now more then how good it PLAYS, i think you have nothing to lose. 
  3. I would hold off, they're having serious server problems. Combine that with the poor reviews and I would steer clear until the ps plus trial is released but who knows when that'll be since they can't even provide a stable experience for those who bought it.
  4. Just wait for the release of the ps plus edition assuming if have plus. That is what i am doing. At the moment im glad i didnt buy since they having so many issues.

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  5. To bad you cant rent games off the Playstation store. They would make money off it i would think

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