is drinking during the day a bad sign?

Discussion in 'General' started by Derrick14, May 13, 2011.

  1. I dont drink a LOT, but is having a few shots at 11:30 bad? :p
  2. Like everyday? If so thats kinda bad
  3. I get buzzed all the time if there's a basketball or baseball game on pretty early.

    Shit's fine. I prefer beer though.
  4. i don't find drinking to ever really be a good sign. that said, i've had plenty of days where I drank early in the day, some even as early as 10am (lol, good times, good times).

    if youre by yourself, then yeah, its bad. but if youre doing it for some fun reason, with some friends, its still not good, but not as bad as drinking alone all day.
  5. I'd say it depends on your day. If you don't do anything and you start drinking early I'd say you have a problem.

    Now, if you work a strenuous job, you need to be at work at the crack of dawn, and it's a labor intensive job, sure no problem.
  6. It all depends on the day, what your doing, and how many days a week you drink during the day.
  7. drink, smoke, and party any time of day

    but don't let that lifestyle dictate every day
    basically use some moderation, but also do whatever the hell you want.
  8. Well are you drinking this early cause theres nothing else to do?

    If so, find something else to do :)
  9. Been drunk since 3 PM yesterday (celebration for the end of the school year, same excuse as many other people around this time of year). I think you're fine.
  10. it could be a phase. but it could also lead into alcoholism if you start doing it every day. one minute it's just a few shots, the next your shooting rubbing alcohol into your veins. ok maybe that's a bit extreme.. but it's probably just a phase. at lease you are acknowledging the potential to be a problem though.
  11. The answers simple and it was already mention but ill reiterate and back it up.

    If it dictates your life its a bad sign, but thats how it is with anything.

    I plan to make myself a drink in a second actually.
  12. Try to keep it every thursday, Fri, saturday only
  13. As long as you don't do it just to get drunk. Drink for a reason like mondaynight football or whatever. Restrict it to like 3 days a week
  14. It's not when you do it, it's why. If you're drinking because you're trying to suppress something, it's a bad idea. If you're drinking just because you like drinking, then more power to you.
  15. Really? I bet that works out for you, doesn't it?

    Unfortunately, some people work on thursday-friday and saturday. :rolleyes:
  16. I think it depends how frequently you do it.
  17. put the bottle away , yes it's to early. If you do take the shots no judgment though lord knows I been there.
  18. whats the difference between wake n bake and wake n drink?
  19. Drinking during the day is okay. A lot of professionals get off work and hit up happy hour for a few hours until the evening/night hits, they go home with their families (beatings may or may not occur lol), and probably go to bed early for work.

    In my opinion that's better than staying up until 2 or 3am drinking yourself to sleep when you have to be up really early. Just depends on all the contexts.

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