Is Darkness classified as evil?

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  1. As the title says...
    Do not over complicate the thought.... :smoking:
  2. id like to hear some thought here.
  3. First off you should understand that "evil" does not truly exist, it is nothing but an illusion of negative energy.

    Therefore, yes darkness can be perceived as evil to someone uninformed.

    But as human beings in order for us to always forward as a species we must be one with the positive energy that is all around us.

    So while darkness can be seen as "evil" we as humans must take what wants to be seen as negative and mentally bend into something positive.

    The perfect person to use as an example who did this is the man in my avatar.

    Bruce Wayne took something so negative that mentally would've cracked so many people (death of parents for anyone unknown but I'm sure we all know) but instead he instinctively took the instance and struggled and searched to transform it into something positive because he knew he had to.


    And he also used darkness in his turning something negative into something positive.

    Thank you basedgod
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  4. a lot of people relate darkness or black to evil. but that's culture more than anything.

    i personally think the dark can be very soothing at times.
  5. Darkness is not evil. I love the darkness, just as much as I love the light. Without Darkness we wouldn't know light. And without light, we wouldn't know darkness. They are just opposite ends of the spectrum, keeping the balance.
  6. I like how you went straight to batman cuz thats your avatar

    na, its just a part of the whole picture, there can be no light without dark.
  7. I cam to the conclusion that the universe is polarized, so having one thing, you must alos have its complete opposite positive,negative being good/evil.
    Light/dark, Cold/Hot, Good weed/Bad weed,.
  8. Short definition, Just don't think about it.
    Nice work!...

    Whats your thought?
  9. Well this would depend on what you define as evil. In my opinion, darkness is simply what it is. I don't understand why you try to personify it, or why it would be considered evil. Evil things happen at night, but that doesn't mean darkness itself is evil. Perhaps because the vast majority of the universe is abysmal darkness, and that in itself is unknowable to us, we are afraid. But that is what you perceieve the dark to be, not necessarily what it truly is.
  10. I think your question is really: is evil classified as dark?

  11. This was just an observation of what other people think because I couldn't understand it much myself. I realized that you have to add more definition to evil other than just it's name.

    - Komatic
  12. evil doesn't exist, nobody acts with the intention to be evil, they have motives that they truly believe are right.
    if you want an example just look at hitler, we call him evil but was he? of course not
    he was completely insane though.

    he genuinely believed ridding the world of jews was the work of god and that it was the right thing for everyone

    as for darkness in general, I generally associate it with confusion, curiosity, fear even, but not "evil."

  13. hmmm
    Like a sort of blanket of some sort, copies and remembers all matter it sees?

    I always try to give everything a consciousness.
  14. Chocolate is dark but it's not evil, it's friggin delicious!
  15. And in the early 2000's it changed its name from mark Henry to sexual chocolate

    And proceeded to wrestle until obscurity set in.

  16. Oh shit Mark Henry looks like Rick Ross lol
  17. only to people who have a fear of the dark
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    Darkness is the absence of light. "Evil" is a man-made term and only applies to man. The two are unrelated.

    Edit: if we didn't exist, neither would "good" or "evil"

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