Is Dabbing The Crack Of Pot?

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    This article seems more inquisitive than fear mongering to me. It talks about the medical aspect, but also about how these super concentrates are getting more popular, to the point where first time smokers are getting their first taste as a big fat dab, and then going to the ER for "marijuana overdose".

  2. It seems to be more prominent in the teenage community than in adults, from what I've seen. It only takes one bad apple to make the whole bunch look rotten....

    It's definitely going to be a step back for legalization as long as my dumbass peers are holding a blowtorch in one hand and a nail in the other.

    On the positive side, it is a little pricey, and seeing as how demand is increasing, it should become even more pricey over the next year or so.
  3. This is why I believe Washington state isn't allowing the sale of concentrates outside of edibles for recreational use.  They are allowing medical patients and dispensaries to possess and "sell" concentrates therefore, I believe, once the recreational stores open, many of the medical collectives will basically turn to concentrates like hash and especially oils and waxes.  Just my opinion.
  4. Apologies on behalf of our dumb, blow torch holding asses. We are the epitome of the hard drug culture
  5. When I was in highschool, we did a lot of knife hits. There were always propane bottles around, and a couple of butter knives were cheaper and easier to hid than a pipe or bong. Dabbing has a legitimate place in smoking culture, and I think that the legal states ARE going to rethink concentrates.
    I also worry about every group of kids who saw a youtube video and can TOTALLY handle this tek! ...until they burn down a house with a couple of other kids in it.
    If we were already legal, I don't think any of this is would be a problem. After all, how often do you hear news stories about teenage kids setting up a still? It happens, but it's seen as a childhood indiscretion or non newsworthy. But because pot IS illegal, I have a worry that any incidents are going to be coming back on the pot smoking community as a whole.
  6. i think you should be 18+ to smoke regular (plant matter) bud, then after smoking for three years they should be able to handle edibles and concentrates at 21+ right?
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    I disagree. You can smoke whenever the hell you want (age) and take edibles/ concentrates whenever you want
  8. Dude...your sarcasm means nothing when you're missing my point. I'm in college, I've done dabs. Are they cool? yeah. Do I think most kids could handle it? yeah. But that small group of peers that can't are fucking it up for the rest of us.
  9. nah cause i think there would be a problem with motivation especially under 18 and they will be smokin errday by the time they are thirteen if you let them smoke since they were 6 and at least 10-25% of their money will go to getting high and trying other drugs. Maturity and Moderation 
  10. You can't think of it like crack, that's apples and oranges. Hash is a byproduct of marijuana, has been around for hundreds if not thousands of years, granted BHO is just a new method of getting the hash.

    You can't really worry about people blowing themselves up, that's just darwinism.

    If you're gonna worry about what people are gonna do to themselves then you might as well take cough syrup off the shelves because then everybody is gonna blow themselves up making M*TH
  11. Concentrate > flower > edible> tincture = thc.......separating one from the other is counterintuitive to legalization.  Moderation is key.  if you aren't moderate with weed you probably aren't just a moderate person in general.   I can dab over a gram a day and be finer as if I had dabbed .1g a day.  It's still quite ridiculous to see you guys putting age limits on different forms of pot.  Its.all.pot. dur dur dur.  I want to impose a law that says beer 18+ and liquor yeaaaaaaaa right.
  12. People i know that do it say it's like being high for the first time all over again, a nice good 4 hour high, compared to smoking herb which if you do everyday regardless of top or bottom shelf you get an one an 1/2 hour high. 
    They said a making the oil with a quarter of bud lasts longer than smoking a quarter of herb. So it sounds interesting, i've never done it, i don't have vaporizers or nails to do it, so i stick with herb, perhaps in the future when i get my grow op running i'll have a lot more herb to tinker around with but for now it's just herb. 
  13. ehhh dabbing has only become popular recently in areas that mostly support medicinal usage
    no one here in north NJ is dabbing as a common thing even though we have MMJ
  14. If you want to smoke "hash",,get a bud buster with the kief screen built in,,but watch it,,you will start wanting to buy more pot,,even though you have some,,just so you can clean it and get some more kief,,,
    If anyone watched the NGC documentary on Moroccan hash and watched the guy beating buds on a silkscreen stretched over a large bowl,,kief is what they were collecting to heat press into hash
    Think I will cocktail up a hit in my pipe now that I am thinking about it. 
  15. Hash is the crack of weed. I've never od'd on hash oddly enough, I have however greened out from plain Mary before...

    When I get a nice big hit of hash I get so so stoned for like 30 seconds, then its gone.
  16. where you at? I'm in Morris, all my buddies in Passaic/Bergen/Sussex are doing dabs. It ain't huge like out west, but it's here. Shit, it's pretty popular (at least in my circle, which is all I can attest to, as always - not speaking for the entire state here) where I go to school down in Glocuester outside Philly, but... all the heads I know down there are Bergen county kids doing it anyway.
    blunts are popular here
    aint nobody in my area doin dabs
    passaic county
  18. I love me some shatter hash. People that are talking shit on it are just mad they can't get it. 
  19. I live in michigan and have been dabbing for about 3 years..back then hardly anyone in my area did but now every headshop sells dome and nail set ups as well as oil pens and extraction tubes

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  20. My friends smoke hash, hash oils, edibles, etc all the time. I however have no interest in such things. I enjoy packing my bowl/bubbler/bong or even rolling an occasional joint or blunt. I ate a firecracker once, didn't get high. I smoked hash and hash oil, and I just don't enjoy that high as much. I get too high too fast, I like not being as high and slowly escalating. 

    Never dabbed and have no interest. 

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