Is Criticizing Israel Anti-Semitic ?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by SmokinP, Feb 20, 2011.

  1. Is Criticizing Israel Anti-Semitic ?

  2. No and I as a Jew I hate seeing other Jews getting offended at it. I support Israel, but to think that its a country that shouldn't be criticized or is above criticizing is just being ignorant and/or completely racist in thinking Jews are somehow better than everyone else.
  3. lol nobody is saying criticizing Israel is anti-semitic. It's when you want them wiped off the map when you start talking about racism.
  4. not in my eyes!,but we live in society here in the uk at least where saying anything about any body different is racist or against their human rights !!!,We got terrorists over here that where planning to blow up shopping centres killing thousands of inocent people but he cant be deported cos of HIS human rights...ffs im scared to ask for a black coffee nowadays in case i "offend" someone and end up getting fucking sued!...
  5. No, Arabs are semites too.

    And besides, many Jews are not on Israel's side.

    Israel does not equal Judaism
  6. Not necessarily, but I think a lot of people who just plain hate Jews try to relate it back to Israel to sound legitimate.

    I personally think that the state of Israel has the right to exist, but that they're antagonizing the Palestinians and hindering the peace process by continuing to settle in Palestinian territory.
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    When you criticize Israel irrationally, as the OP tends to do, then it can get anti-Semitic - anti-semitism is colloquially known as hatred of the Jewish PEOPLE, not the jewish RELIGON. THE JEWS ARE A FUCKING RACE. OP loves to ignore that.

    OP likes blaming Israel for all the world's troubles, blaming Israel for 9/11, and calling Israel one of the "worst regimes" of the 20th century (LOL). These are all things the OP has done, and he undoubtedly created this thread because he is afraid people are catching on to his "innocent" criticism.

    By making rabidly-anti Israeli remarks such as those and then pretending he can't simply "criticize" israel, the OP has effectively termed himself the VICTIM, something he frequently whines that Israel does.

    If nothing else, he has proved that he is no better.

  8. Easy dude...

    A lot of hate there...

    Way to make it all about me...:)

    When have i ever said anything that is anti-semitic ?

    Maybe you need to have a read of some of the links that tharedhead posted earlier in the thread...

    Difference between Judaism and Zionism

    Brian Klug: No, anti-Zionism is not anti-semitism | World news | The Guardian
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    When you claimed Israel was one of the most brutal regimes in the 20th century, for example? A five year old can figure out how full of bullshit that claim is. It's so retarded, in fact, given the existence of the Khmer Rouge, Mugabe and Al Bashir in Africa, Rwanda, Yugoslavia, Stalin, China, Libya, Egypt... the fact that you place Israel, all of whose conflicts have been DEFENSIVE, anywhere NEAR these deranged madmen is evidence of either your exponentially inflated ignorance, or your vitirolic, irrational, ignorant-of-reality hatred for Israel. And what is Israel? It is the re-establishment of the autonomy of the still-intact community descendants of the Hebrew people. Hence anti-Semitism.

  10. So by calling the regime that has control of the state of Israel brutal and stating that i believe Israel is inflicting a form of Apartheid upon the Palestinian people i am an anti-semite ?

    Not all Jews support the state of Israel...
    Not all Jews are Zionists...
  11. No, calling them one of the most brutal regimes of the 20th century does, for the reasons I explained above.
  12. I think you two are secretly in love :D

  13. Dear dear you are a confused individual...:(

    Antisemitism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  14. I don't think smopkinp could ever really love a Jew.

  15. lol...

    I would love to smoke it up with the dude...:smoke:
  16. Let's count how many of these the OP subscribes to....

    Playing With Fire - by Lee Smith > Tablet Magazine - A New Read on Jewish Life
  17. About as much as criticizing warlord systems in Africa makes you hate black people as a whole.
  18. Zionism tore my family apart. My aunt moved to Israel and never talked to my Grandfather again. She was really active in the Herut (and later the Likud).

    Granddaddy's opinion was "getting all the Jews together in one place makes 'em easier to kill next time, we ought to spread out more":D
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    Except... there's only 1 nation of Jews. There are tens of nations of black people. And irrational criticisms exist, such as the OP's belief that Israel is worse than Pol Pot, Mugabe, etc. as I have explained above. Hence it's a little more pointed than your analogy suggests.

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