is corn field growing feasible or just too risky?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by PhelpsFan1, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Anyone tried a cornfield grow? And what would some good early flowering/short plants be?
  2. Are you the farmer? Cause otherwise in the middle of the field you have to worry about fertilizers they use and the time they harvest it, whether it will be for feed or for human consumption will raise the risk of your crop getting the chop early. Maybe nearby on a treeline or in some trees near a cornfield would be better, but still the ferts they spray can really be a problem.
  3. I wouldnt do it. People around here get busted all the time growing in cornfields. Farmers look out for that stuff, and so do helis. Its too typical.
  4. I agree, fertilizer and pestides whether its directly sprayed or in the water via run-off = bad
  5. that's what i figured. I'm just surrounded by he damn things. Maybe I'll grow a few freebies in pots for a cuple months ad thenthrow them in the field for a test.
  6. i've tried but never had good results, always eatten or found.

    ya got to get to know the farmers and know when there harvesting their crops

    maybe ask some famers if they need a hand doing odd and end work. you can get a couple bucks that way, and get to know what the famers plans are, i'm sure you will find a bunch of places to grow then.
  7. Too many risks. Grow somewhere only YOU know is secluded.
  8. Yeah, growing in a field of someones food is like saying, find meeeeee...............:D
  9. I live in WI and theres corn fields everywhere.... no one really grows on them becase farmers check there fields every month or so..... But I have herd of ppl stealing the cow shit soil for dank soil. I hear iT has hella nitrogen in it.
  10. Yea avoid corn fields.. #1 place for helos.

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