Is Colorado a peaceful state? Do the cops care?

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  1. I live in Maryland and I consider it a hell hole... people rushy, unfriendly, all urban now..

    How would you define colorado? Is it peaceful? Do the cops care? I'm looking at Greeley, CO
  2. Pretty sure CO is the only state to amend MMJ into the state constitution

    So they are most likely the "most peaceful" state for mmj
  3. Yea I'm looking at denver. I'm in the bible belt georgia..
  4. Ived lived all over the country, even different continents, and im telling you, Colorado is my favorite. You have to move to The Springs or Denver though, any other city just wont do. Lived in CO springs, the cops usually let you go if you have under ~an eighth. I currently live on the east coast as well, and the weed back in CO is obviously much MUCH better quality and its literally everywhere. Usually get about 10-15 a gram, sometimes 40-45 and 8th. Most relaxed people ever, and the weather is amazing. Also, there isnt any humidity or bugs, and it is sunny most of the year. Summers never go above 90 degrees and are usually a perfect 75+. MANY things to do. Winters arent very cold, it just snows more because of the altitude. Snowboarding of course is amazing, go to Breckenridge if your looking to party. You will probably get a nosebleed or 2 within the first week of moving to CO, but once you adjust youll be able to run laps around people back in Maryland haha. It is also the healthiest state in the U.S. I cant think of a single thing bad about CO. Also, living expenses are much cheaper down there compared to east coast. DO IT, but fuck Greeley do denver for city life, CO springs is amazing, boulder if your going to attend college.
  5. Nice, thanks dude. +Rep.

    I want to go to a city that has mostly mountains in it, that's why I thought Greeley is best. The rent is cheaper in Greeley vs Denver too.
  6. I've been to Denver and Greeley, and straight up, Denver is a much chiller place. Nicer mountain views, better vibes, etc.

    I think the extra money towards rent will be worth it!
  7. It sounds like you want a place like CO springs. Are you buying a house or renting an apartment or...?
  8. the springs is the lamest place to live in colorado in my opinion, denver and aurora are nice, but id move into the mountains!

    thats where im going soon!

  9. He'll no homie. The springs and Denver are #1 easy.
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    I'll be renting an apartment. I'm trying to find a 1 bedroom or studio with a nice mountain view behind it / near it.
  11. Yea RSD Denver
  12. Colorado has been awesome every time that I've been there.
  13. The springs sounds like what you want. Apartments are very cheap compared to here at the east coast, and you have pikes peak all the way to mt blodget. Just search for some apartments, just did a search in 80919 and there was 2 br rooms for like $740, studios for less than 500. They on rockrimmon road which is on mt blodgett. Check em

    Edit: but if you want city life do Denver no doubt
  14. Colorado rules.

    I've been to Greeley twice, once in October 2010 and then again last August. I never encountered any cops but the people out there definitely seem more friendly then the east coast, and its very quiet out there. And like Rollin said, the weather is amazing. They get 300+ days of blue skies and sunshine, and its nice and dry out there. The nights and mornings are cool, and even in August when it hit 80-90 degrees in the afternoon it was tolerable because humidity is nearly nonexistent there.

    As far as the area goes, Greeley is cool, I wouldnt live there I dont think but its not a terrible place. Fort Collins and CO Springs were sweet too. I didnt go to Denver though, except for going to the airport, and in passing, but I'd imagine thats like any other major urban center, except atleast you got the Rockies in the background.

    All in all, I plan on movin out there at some point myself. I feel like it has more to offer than New York ever could.:smoke:
  15. Boulder is where its at
  16. Greeley, meh.
    Fort collins, pretty damn awesome
    Denver, hell fuckin yea
    CO springs, pretty lame
    Mountains, amazing.
    Boulder, ok, mixed emotions haha

    Any other areas just ask. I've lived here for like 17 years I think.
  17. What's so "hell fuckin yea" about Denver? Literally everyone I've talked to that's been there or lived there says it's ghetto as fuck and super super expensive.
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    im in the front range. west of greeley ill tell you i would prob go with denver if you want cheap. but if you want a change i would try fort collins or maybe even boulder. im from the midwest KC,St.Louis and it sure is nice not having peeps try to sell me crack or hitting me up for $.35. ohh and no choppers or sticks going off. yep i love it here do it just watch out for greeley they burn cows blood on thursdays i think and yeah watch out for the 25 corridor lots of livestock and can be stinky. ohh and so far ive had one run in with leo's here and they were super nice. and they respect the card and rights of patients. you really have to look for trouble to find it where im at.
  19. I lived in CO half my life and it is a super chill place, the weather is awesome, people think it's cold cuz it snows but it really never gets that cold, and there is so much stuff to do you'll never get bored and I think some of the smaller mountain towns are legalizing weed recreationally so you can go up there smoke and do whatever you don't even need a card
  20. I went back last year on break and stopped in manitou springs and pretty much everybody walkin around was high as fuck

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