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- Is college necessary?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by EddieNashton, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. With all of these ideas, I begin to think...Is college really that necessary? On average, college graduates make more than HS graduates. To get quite far in the "system", one would need at LEAST a four year degree.

    Let's do some public thinking.
    4 years is A LOT of fucking time. That's A LOT of money that can be made there...and if you think like me, that's A LOT of grinding time. Time + Grinding = Good Money. But let me touch on a slightly different topic.

    Nobody wants to work for someone. Everyone wants to be the boss. If you can take all that money and manage it properly...shit can get real in 4 years AND if you think like me, you can make more money than you made by making some key investments.

    Time and Money management is key. If you're smart and productive, you can be in the position of applying for a business loan to start your own business...under the age of 25 while college graduates are just finishing up school, the majority with debt.

    Idk. I like to think outside the box...outside of the system. Thoughts like these are the type that keep me up at night. Not thoughts of a girl. Not thoughts of my problems. Thoughts of my future.

    So to conclude this college really necessary to do what you want in life? I don't know about y'all, but something about the system just seems funny to me...and my future isn't a laughing matter.
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  2. College is a really great place actually. I think that high school and the K-12 school system was FAR more painful for me. It really depends on what college you go to, but I find that college professors and college students tend to be more open minded. My experience has been pretty good so far. Colleges aren't like the public education system (K12). Each school is pretty unique.

  3. Would you say it's necessary though...especially for those who'd rather start businesses?
  4. Depends on what you want to do with your life. If you want to be a teacher for instance, you better believe you need a degree.
  5. We're in debt from birth.

    I'm at least hitting community college, two years I figure is decent enough since I applied myself years ago to IT and already have a good year of experience added onto the sidework I'll pick up here and there while holding a full-time job.

    I think it pretty much depends on what you choose...I'm going with IT and marketing...IT is always in demand, and marketing is for if I get lucky enough to be able to walk into the office one day, flip up my middle finger, and yell "I'm out this muthafucka!":cool:
  6. It depends on what you want to do, you don't have to spend a huge amount of money to get a decent degree, I wouldn't really advise anyone to skip college to try and 'grind' and then get into their own business, but that is definitely a rout some people take and it can pay off in the end, but it is the hardest work in the world.

    When you're young, you can have a lot of ideas and fantasies swirling about in your head and then you reach adulthood and it's a little different. You need money to make money, it doesn't take a genius to make money with money, but not many people are born into money. But I don't know how much money you think you can make in a 4 year period at a low paying job, or how much you think that amount of money is worth, but money goes really fast and thousands / tens of thousands isn't as much as it seems when you're young, and bills/emergencies/cars/rent and a million other things drain you.

    Having a degree makes it that much easier to get a job especially these days, but college isn't really that big of a learning epicenter you can easily attain the same knowledge if not more than the kids going to college, but finding a job is really hard let alone not having a degree.
  7. College is very necessary for most people. Most people in college are really fucking stupid. Most people are really stupid period. That is why school is set up the way it is. You take a whole unit to learn something that you should be able to learn in a day.

    And you can say you are going to "grind" or that you are gonna start a business. But most people when left without shit to do all day won't do anything. They need structure. They need a boss.

    The ones who don't need these things are called successful businessman. And how many businessman are successful? Exactly.

    College isn't a necessity for me. But i still plan on going. More for the experience.
  8. Only if you want to make a good amount of money.

    Otherwise, if you are happy in your hourly job, then no.
  9. College is great. Not for me though. i'm getting all A's my first semester, but I don't plan to come back next year. I'm not mature enough for it. I want to go live life, first. it's my life so i'm gonna do me.
  10. Well it depends on a few factors that you have to find in yourself.

    Ask yourself this. What is you're dream job? How much money do you want to make? Are you gonna have a family in the future? What is you're learning style?

    If you're not sure, try doing community college. I am doing community college right now actually and its working out pretty well for me. Its not too much time out of my day, I have made plenty of friends, and its not too much of a major workload most of the time. Plus I got plenty of fine dealers from college.

    If you want to possibly be a construction worker or machinist, go to a technical or trade school. I know people that just had one or two years of trade school experience and they were making like 20 bucks an hour. Be careful with this, because some of these schools are just shitty scams.

    If none of those sounds appealing, maybe you should go to the military. Often they will teach you a skill or trade, just I would prefer going to the Navy or Air force, that way you don't get you're legs blown off in Afghanistan.

    There are many options you can pick, but remember, when it comes down too it, all a high school diploma will get you is a job in fast food or at a diner. So education is highly necessarily in today's society.

    Hope this helps you with you're educational career. :smoke:
  11. If you dont go to college, I recommend the military. If your broke at least. Like someone else said, its hard to make money without money.
  12. I sure hope it isnt, cause I dont have any money for college and with my future so helplessly scattered around the horizon.

    Not sure where I will be in the next few months.

    Trying to find my own way in this huge fucked up world is tough, but I'm trying to ignore the obvious failures that keep pulling me down.
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  13. I'm in school right now and to be honest I hate the college system but I love classes and how they're taught and I'm thriving because of it.

    I'm seriously considering moving back home to go to community college and having a part time job at the same time then transferring to a state school in two years.

    To me, I'm not a big fan of the college atmosphere, or getting belligerently drunk. I'd rather go to my classes, go home to my own house without any douchebags running up and down the hall and smoke a nice bowl and relax. That's all I want.

    To OP, you might as well take some community college classes such as entrepreneurship or economics. Getting a degree is less important that the actual process of learning, however society views it the other way.

  14. Nailed.

  15. Thanks for that post, man. My dream job? To be honest...I don't know. I know I will be growing marijuana on the side because I truly love the plant. I just want enough money to pay my bills, support my hobbies, my habits, and my lifestyle. Nothing flashy. Nice apartment. Decent car. Just to live comfortably. I'm sure I can achieve this with some nice money management.

    I've been thinking of opening up a Barbershop, A hookah bar/headshop, and a laundromat. Wouldn't I be able to get some small business loans?
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    Earning a college degree is much easier than starting up a successful business, especially in California.

    If financial aid will pay for your tuition, absolutely go to college. If not, then college may not be worth it. It depends what you want to do really. If you want to major in something like philosophy, you shouldnt go to college. If you want to be an engineer, absolutely go to college.

    I was in your shoes 3 years ago and did not plan on going to college. After contemplating starting up a couple business ventures, I came to the conclusion that college is much safer to earning $80k+ a year. And trust me, the education is VERY valuable for the rest of your life. Intelligence and knowledge should never be underestimated.. not saying you cant obtain that from starting your own business, but you certainly wont be as well-rounded.

    If you start a business, make sure you are absolutely passionate about it and will continue to be even if you are not making profits
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    No, it's not. It might make some things a lot easier. Statistically speaking, you will make more money in the long run if you do it. Trying to be a self-made man is more than just hard; it's unlikely to pan out well.

    But if you've got a good opportunity, you can still not get a degree or drop out and make a shit ton of money. My boss's son dropped out of college to create his own startup. He made his first million before the age of 24, I think. Sometimes if everything adds up -- brains, tenacity, right place right time -- it can work.
  18. Money is just paper...let that concept really become apart of your mentality....can't live your lives for something so worthless
  19. Future bum here
  20. [quote name='"sk8njam"']Money is just paper...let that concept really become apart of your mentality....can't live your lives for something so worthless[/quote]

    Need that paper for trees though mayne

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