Is co2 dangerous?

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  1. I will be starting a grow soon and co2 levels will be 1500-1800ppm constant. I have heard alot of different opinions on if co2 is harmful to health if your in a room with these high levels for a long period of time. This is something i need to know since i will be spending some time in there.


  2. When you exhale, what you're exhaling is carbon dioxide, otherwise known as C02.
    As far as dangerous, 1500 ppm won't hurt you.
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    well at those high levels i wouldn't hang out down there too too much. but i had thought 2000+ ppm was dangerous. It's dangerous because it can simply make you black out and chances are no one's going to find you for a while. Then you die from co2 poisoning.
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    For some reason there is alot of mixed opinions on this does anyone know for sure?
  6. all i can say is trust me you will be fine i know :wave: ive been in the trenches for hours with co2 with ppm that high :eek: no worries dude.
  7. if you ever feel light headed though, you better run the fuck out of there. Before passing out preferably.
  8. i knew a guy who died exactly that way at 2000 ppm
  9. kidding, but did i freak you out? MUAHAHAHA
  10. it will kill you at 15million parts per squre inch but i used co2 gas for a while just have a window open if you can.and a helpful hint for u dont sleep on the floor
  11. lmfao nice one lololololol:hello:
  12. Funny shit thanks guys!
  13. I keep my Co2 level around 2000 ppm during flowering. If I do hand out in there for a while with the Co2 running, I will get a headache. It will not kill you, but it will definitely make you feel like your in a haze.

    Just do what you need to do & get out. Besides, you don't wanna waste the Co2 anyway. You could also just turn it off altogether when you are in the room.
  14. yeh quite dangerous when exposed to it for prolonged periods.

    but get a canary & when you go into your grow room take it with you & if it keels over & kicks it get the fuck out of there asap:)

    seriously though cannabismaximus makes a good point about turning it off when in your room.

    stay safe bro:smoke:
  15. lol nice, idea with the canary haha :smoke:
  16. lol. thanks guysI
  17. in my opinion, yes, co2 is dangerous. it is not harmful to your body like inhaling paint fumes are. you can breath air in and your body will dispose of all the co2 via your exhale. it is harmful because of the lack of oxygen you are inhaling. if the air you breath is pumped with co2 that leaves less room for oxygen. when insufficient amounts of oxygen are passed through your lungs, blood, and brain your body will work harder to get the oxygen you need. causing your heart rate to raise and your breathing to intensify. first you will being to pant and feel kind of high because your body and brain are not getting the oxygen it needs. im not sure if that can be fatal but i do know that putting your body through that kind of stress isnt good for your health. i would guess hanging around co2 is just as unhealthy as doing the other drugs that are out there.

    as far as cultivation goes i would recommend using an intake and exhaust. there is enough oxygen in the air for us. there is enough co2 in fresh air for the plants.
  18. Thanks man sounds logical to me. As far as doing an intake and exhaust i thought about that for a while then decided that there is nothing like like a totally enclosed growing environment with complete control (temp,humidity,and optimum levels of c02)
  19. even an ac unit with the capability to cool and dry the air surrounding your plants would require an exhaust. how do you plan on keeping your enclosed area cool and dry without at least 1 exhaust?
  20. Its called CGE closed growing environment try to do some research. If u have total control of your grow room(ac/heat/humidifier/dehumidifier/optimum levels of co2) witch i do the u do not need exhaust its the perfect way to control your environment to the "T"

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