Is cloned weed lower quality then from seed

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  1. im having a tough time deciding whether i want to start cloning or start breeding by stressing the female. i read on the other boards from hortilab that their award winning starbud was nothing more then an accidental impregnation. some guys in the midwest of america did that shit by accident then the people from hortilab got it from him as a gift or something. shit if that guy can do it then i prolly can too. what do you guys think.:smoking:
  2. cloning saves u two to three weeks of veg growing it will have the same potency as the mother u took her from thats why its called a clone it is identical so if ur mother was boo boo then yours clones will be to i prefer cloning a seed there is a that chance it could be a male and since im at the begaining i dont really need any males in my garden maybe ill breed later hope this helps tho and check out my grow tell me what u think
  3. The title and body of the message don't match but here goes. Clones are their mother, period, same quality.

    Your inside question I think has to do with aspirations of finding the next dank thing or being the next DJ Short. For every success story like you mentioned there were thousands of failures. If you don't understand genetics and how line breeding works, I suggest just cloning.
  4. There are accidental crosses due to pollination of the female, however, they do not always produce the best offspring. Even pollination of same F1 hybrid parents can result in less than desirable offspring. I remember reading you are growing a fem line, so if you stress her, which will be easy considering the trait is already present from stress, you will have one or all of the following results:

    1. Heavy hermie traits from self pollinating a fem seed plant which is already sensitive.

    2. The seeds will be sterile due to self pollination of a chemically reversed fem plant.

    3. You may get a mix of both hermie and female seeds, however the females will carry even more sensitivity to stress and becoming hermie.

    It is very difficult to breed with fem seeds for different techniques produce different results in the fem offspring. It is like pollinating an F1 hybrid which is from regular seed; you never know what you ill get or if that super special phenotype will show or not. I have grew literally 100's of plants in different attempts in finding the Holy Grail phenotype. They just do not pop up from pollinating a single male to a single female. Breeders grow 1000's of plants; hobby breeders, like myself, grow 100's of plants before finding the right parents. I started doing small scale breeding projects in 1982, just a few 100 plants and clones of mothers I liked; had a short vacation, then went back to actively breeding in 1998. I literally created over 30 F1 strains, however, only 3 are stabilized, and only 5 or 6 are what I would deem worth continuing to work on. So out of 30 crosses, I have maybe 8 or 9 which are good solid strains. Do the math, 30 crosses, literally 1000's of plants, and 8 or 9 crosses which resulted in success. Now that is on a small hobby breeding scale, so you can only imagine what the REAL breeders(I'm not talking about places which just chemically reverse sex and produce female seeds; those are not breeders.)out there do to find those successful strain which we all know, love, and buy.
  5. well the title was to catch the attention but it was also a question ive been wanting answered. the body of my thread was about what i want to do in the future.

    thanks for your guys posts

    i understand everything you were saying. right when you posted about how you cant refem already femed plants i read it in another thread but i guess my question is if your father is stablized and your mother is stablized how do you get so many unstable plants.

    yeah ill try cloning instead...i got 2 grow closets and all i would need is a mother closet and something to put my cuttings in. i just thought if you kept taking cuttings off the mother plant mabye the resulting weed would become gradually lower quality.
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    When you cross 2 different strains, you get F1 offspring which has what is known as hybrid vigor, they grow well and possess very vigorous growth; of course dependng on strains used. When you inbreed a male & female from the F1's, you get F2 offspring which is where you begin to see recessive traits and many unstable plants. Often you have plants the share traits, plants that show more to one side or another, and then plants which show all kinds of undesirable traits and do not appear to grow and/or develop like either strain used in the cross. When crossing F1 hybrids, the F2's show traits from even a wider spectrum of traits and characteristics.

    When you clone from clones, you are merely stepping up the veg stage each time. Say you take cuts from a mother that has been in veg for 2 weeks, once these cuts root, they will continue to grow at the 2 weeks veg stage. You veg these cuts for 2 weeks, then take cuts again, the cuts are now 4 weeks into veg which is how the plant itself sees things.

    I prefer to keep a mother, 6 months or so take a cut from her and make a new mother. It seems to keep the vigor of the plant going that way. I have noticed over time cuts from an older mother will seem to lose vigor. I have never seen a definate decrease in potency, however I guess it cold be possible due to genetic drift. I have seen mothers which were stressed and had cuts taken off them show signs of growing completely different, but was not sure if the potency was lost or not from the stressed mother.
  7. You can take any plant and clone it and get an exact duplicate of the mother plant. So if you have a feminized plant of say, KUSH, then the clone will also be a feminized plant duplicate of that. All you need to do is take a strong cutting from the top of the plant and root it. You can as many clones as you want of as many different plants you want.
  8. Is cloned weed lower quality then from seed? No, in fact its perferred to have cloned weed instead of that from seed as you can harvest faster.
  9. cloning aint gunna lower the quality. the clones will have the same traits as the mom they were taken from.
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    if you are really interested in breeding you need to start researching. look up Mendel's principles of genetics. here's a chart to help explain what lessismore was saying
    the f2's are where all of the traits really become individually pronounced, that is when you can start back-crossing to lock in the traits you want. I have heard of people going as far as an f6 gen, but you would need to have a huge facility for that.

    just realized i missed this thread by 3 days. :D
  11. great post jz, wered you find that? id like to take a look at that more when i get some time.

  12. I just had that in my notes man. I have been doing a little research every night for nearly 3 yrs.. I want to start a dispensary in my home state, when it becomes legal, breed and grow my own. I keep everything I come across that could be helpful. I must have just downloaded it. I believe i found that in a online book somewhere. I looked through all of my links for Pdf's and online book depositories, but I couldn't find it, sorry.
    I got this book not long ago called "the cannabis breeders bible" it has some useful info. It also has a lot of common knowledge too, but I guess the author had to fill the pages. There are some really good discussions over at ICMag to read, also. I hate sending people over there because of the way they treat people, but there are some breeders who know what they are doing and like to talk about the intricacies. I haven't seen anyone here who breeds commercially, yet, but I am sure there will be.
    Anyway, Mendel is the person to research though. This guy was a monk who sat on a mountain top and documented 50 generations of beans for fun man. He is the OG of Genetics. Anything you read or come across, to do with genetics, begins with him.
  13. hey dont worry about it if you cant find it, ill just bookmark this page:D lol. and yeah gregor mendel started it all with his peas. it was kind of trivial in high school, but now i just forget it. ill do some research on him if i ever think about breeding. isnt growing just so fun?:hello: lol. there are so many possibilities to choose from. thanks again man. peace

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