is clean glass really clean?

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  1. if i clean my bong as i normally do, (iso and salt)

    is it 100% clean?

    what i mean by that is. can a cop give me shit with me carrying a bong in my car if i clean it this way? or is there still small trace amounts of weed that the iso just cant take off?
  2. Im pretty sure he could get you on something even if the bong was clean, because bongs arent really used for legal consumption of tobacco.

    Take a towel, carefully wrap up your bong and put it in a backpack. In a routine traffic stop, (speeding, etc) cops have no right to search your car unless they suspect something.

    So the best thing to do is to transport your bong while sober, and don't do anything like speed and you should be fine.
  3. Smoke some tobacco thru it to make it smell like tobacco.
    Bam. Officer pulls you over, and for some reason searches your vehicle..
    He finds the bong, you respond: Ahh, my trusty tobacco pipe. ;)

  4. ha, but seriously. could i take this thing on a plane where they do check for shit.

    if there is no trace amount of weed on it. then he cant do anything at all..
  5. Well, technically, they can and do use them for legal herbs. I mean hell, think about a hookah. That's just another type of water pipe, and is perfectly legal for the same reason bongs are legal to sell and own.

    The real problem here is dealing with a cop who's a dick and won't listen. Even if it was brand-new and never used, they might still confiscate your bong, arrest or fine you, or both, and you'll likely end up spending more time and effort(and probably some $$$) in court just to get a bogus/illegal charge thrown out. Usually, the instant you step foot in a courtroom for whatever reason and regardless of outcome, you're facing court fees.

    Of course, revenue generation, in whatever form they can get it, is the goal of many a corrupt local Government anyway, so no real surprise there...
  6. Dude, there's a HUGE difference between a cops nose and the $5 million dollar "Sniffinator 3000" at the airport.

    I don't know if I would risk the airport. You would really have to clean the shit out of every single nook, crevice, and cranny on that thing.

    And then clean it again.
  7. thats not the point, if i clean it spotless with iso+salt. can i get past the sniffinator 3000?
  8. look at what he said bro, "you would really have to clean the shit out of every single nook, crevice, and cranny. and then clean it again."

    it would have to be absolitely 100% clean of residue.

    i'm not sure since i'm no expert, but i just wouldn't risk it.
  9. Well, unfortunately, unless you've got some good connections with the people who make the machine, there's really only one way to find out.

    And by that, I mean you walking up to the man running the machine with bong in hand and asking him to check your glass.

    Sure, there's always a chance when packed in your checked luggage it won't get anything more than an x-ray scan. If you're gonna do it, this would be the safest bet to not get checked with the "machine".

    However, broken, stolen or lost luggage, confiscated, there are so many more risks with flying with anything. It's all about the risk. Dunno if shipping it back is an option for you, but it's probably safer. You can insure your package too.

    Sorry, can't be much more help than this.
  10. I wouldn't risk it - although you'd probably be fine, why take the chance for a bong? You can always buy another bong, or switch to pipes or a joint temporarily...regardless, even if they found it but couldn't detect any traces of weed, they still may harass you.
  11. No. Glass is hairy and holds on to materials more than others. Your tube would have to be made out of quartz glass or sonic cleaned thoroughly.

  12. this is the type of response i was looking for. so your saying that if i take some resin from a bowl and smeared it onto a glass window. and then cleaned it with iso. it wouldnt be 100% clear of resin?

    others werent grasping what im asking. i dont care how long it took me for it to get 100% clean,
    im talking microscopically
  13. a dog could probably still smell it, their noses are just amazing. they can smell a trace of a deer on a leaf that the deer stepped on two weeks ago!! so, most likely, it could smell ur bong.

    i have taken a brand new bong back from europe to the states with no questions asked, but it was completely unused. was so hard to be in amsterdam with a roor and not use it at the risk of getting it seized by customs if i did. but we bought a cheap GonG and just left it at the last coffeeshop we were at before we left
  14. A) For car transportation, I keep my piece super clean and carry a bag of tobacco to make a case for it being my tobacco-water-pipe.

    B) How long will you be gone? If its practical, clean the bong really well and then send it via mail?
  15. You'd probably have to spend an hour or two carefully cleaning the shit out of that thing to have a chance at getting past detection like that; microscopic bacteria is always there and everywhere, and we all know how fuckin' strong the smell of bong water is. ugh, I love weed but that smell never fails to make me gag.

    If you plan on taking a short trip via airplane, just roll joints for that short amount of time? And if it's a long one.. buy a cheap bong for the time you're there?
  16. If you fully clean it to the point where there is no staining or residue on it, I'm sure you could pass it off as new.

    I did this once when pulled over on the way to a friends. I stupidly left it in my back seat in the open but it was completely clean. Officer asked if it was drug paraphernalia and I told him no I had just bought it as a gift for a friend for tobacco use. He looked at it, gave it back, and let me go.
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    No, it will not be 100% clean.

    Question answered. Sorry, man.
  18. do it thought the rest of us will know if it works! :D
  19. Yeah, the only way to do that is harsh acids that burn away the bong itself or sonic cleaning and that wouldn't be 100%. I suggest you keep your smoking devices far away from airports, with how security is now, they'd toss it if they see it/smell it/x-ray it. Those are the kind of things they are looking for.
  20. Not going to be 100% clean as said before unless you invest in some crazy cleaning tech that will probably cost you much more. In this case I highly suggest just mailing it to your destination. It will be easier once its fully clean, but that being said I have heard of a bunch of people travelling with their bongs as carry on and having no problems.

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