Is cheap glass ever toxic or any shit like that?

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  1. I broke my favorite bowl (my toro icepinch slide) and I went to the shitty smokeshop up the street from my house and asked if they had any ice pinches and they didn't know what it was... so I described it and he said "Oh, you mean a holey bowley?" and I was like "uhh... sure. do you have any holey bowleys?" and I got some shitty one made of blue glass, no paint or anything.

    I'm sure it's fine and all, but I just thought I'd ask and double check that they don't put shit to change the color of glass in that makes it toxic, cause I'm pretty sure all their stuff comes from China, the land of poisonous/fake merchandise. lol
  2. You should be good. As long as there is no paint then i'd load it.
  3. Generally no, but depending on what was added to make the color it could be. Its also pretty hard to heat the glass hot enough to release anything. I wouldn't be worried about it.
    Also, I'm basing that on me having never heard of any instances of toxic bowls being made, but I could be wrong.
  4. I had a couple hits from the "holey bowley" (definitely what I'm naming this little shitty pinch) and I'm not dead yet.

    I miss my old bowl though... :( I wonder if several months of daily use of being heated so hot over and over again made it fragile, cause I had dropped it before and it never chipped. That toro bowl was a tough motherfucker..
  5. Toro ice pinches are nothing to fuck with. You could run that bitch over with a car and it'll be good.
  6. That's why I couldn't believe that it broke.. I thought it was immortal.
  7. hahahaha holey bowley hhahhaha.
    You got like 7 year olds running that hs?
  8. He was at least 30, lol. I was surprised too, they call them ice pinches one town over... but to be fair, it's a smoke shop, not a head shop. They have a decent selection of glass but just cheap shit/cheap brands and the majority of their customers are just buying cigarettes.

  9. ahhhh i see. Im just saying its so funny that they call it a "holey bowley" so seriously hahha. I would laughed my ass off in the store, not at them, just because that sounds fuckin funny.:laughing:

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