Is cardboard a good material for a grow box?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Thenewgrower42, Nov 9, 2012.

  1. Im gonna use two 42 watt cfls plus ima have a fan going will this be too hot or dangerous? Please help!
  2. cardboard sucks because it holds in heat so well. unless u have some pc fans at the top, keep the lid open for heat to escape.

    cfls are good, put 2" from plants. paint inside of cardboard white or use paper.

  3. Ok ima gut my nitendk gamecube and take out the pc fan on that. Will it be ok then?
  4. Not so bad.
  5. It would be great if you put 2 fans, one to get air in and another to get it out, it would be way better for the plants.
  6. Thanks guys,i might add another 23 watt but with the fans it should be cool. Plus theyre cfls so they dont grt very hot.
  7. Cardboard and an a gamecube fan. This is gonna be some hella dank.

  8. Lol u cqn grow weed out of anything all u need is light soil water and common sense.
  9. CARDBOARD....thats a horrible idea, i mean unless your lookin to burn your place down...then go for it......i would suggest going to the hardware store and picking up some lumber and plywood and making your own little box for very cheap
  10. Sure. And just because it has a vagina doesn't mean she's a beautiful lady. Anyone can get laid, but look at who you're banging.

    You can smoke his Cardboard Nintendo stuff. I'll stick to banging 9's and 10's.

    (also, hard to to take grow advice from "TheNewGrower" too seriously.)
  11. Just build a little grow tent out of pvc piping and some connectors. Much safer than cardboard and you can build/expand how you want. No tools required!
  12. Damn a GameCube fan , that's pretty beast not gonna lie. But cardboard sounds like not a good idea
  13. Ok man im gonna try to give you the BEST advice I can, ghetoishly speaking that is =)

    If u are going to use card board tape up the box very well on the bottom and on the seams. leave the top open and keep the flaps. I would get a big box from lowes or home depot, they have a "closet hanger" box for $12 it comes with a metal beam thing that goes on the box so you can pack your clothes on hangers. the metal beam is perfect for hanging lights. the box is 4' tall.

    99cent store is the best place for all cheap supplies, even gardening stuff. here i get duct tape, drip trays, little planters or peat pots, wall thermometer, white poster board, red cups.

    cheapest soil Ive seen that will work for you is any "potting soil" not topsoil, that you can afford. miracle grow works alright. $8-12 a bag

    dont break the gamecube, the fan is too weak. for starters kust leave one flap open on top. if things get hot you can get a fan from radio shack for like $10, a big pc fan.
  14. Make one out of pvc pipe and panda film..they even have sticky zippers you can make a door with
  15. If you expect to have buds that u see in the picture your gonna be very disappointed gl m8
  16. Thanks fOr the help guys, i really mean it you guys are pretty experienced.

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