Is cal-mag always needed when using ro water?

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by YouLookAdopted, Mar 12, 2013.

  1. GH Maxi Grow contains 6% Calcium and 2% Magnesium. Wouldn't that be enough?
  2. Probably, just watch your plants closely. They will let you know early on if they want more. Watch for yellowing on older fan leaves, and rust spots. I always run 3ml/gal of botanicare cal mag plus. It's hands down the best ca mg supplement. It gives you a nice boost of iron as well.
  3. depends on your res changes. that will be plenty of cal and Mg if you do your res changes on time
  4. I'll keep a close eye on it. Thanks.
  5. Which I will be, weekly. What would be the results of too much cal-mag?
  6. Like any nute toxicity it could cause a lockout of other trace minerals and cause other issues. But if you run a ca mg supplement at 1/3 strength you will not need to be concerned about that because at that dose all you are really doing is replacing the ca mg that would've originally been present in non ro water.

  7. Makes perfect sense. Thanks again.
  8. Ace... Quick question on water pumps; i have one pump going to drip feed line in a timer and one just churning water. Is that second one needed when I have an air pump and 2x 6" airstones in a 6 gal res?

  9. the second one is NOT needed but turning the water over is important, however thats easily done with air bubbles. Consider using this pump for your res changes :)
  10. Yeah, I was just unhooking the feed line and pumping down. But it's not doing any harm, right? It's just splashing up on the bottom of an empty net cup right now and it's not that powerful.
  11. take note of the temp with it on and then with it off for a day. It may be introducing unwanted heated. Water movements great but pumps can suck in roots and destroy them. they can even sloshs them around to the point they die but a healthy root system shouldnt have that particular problem. Id be more concerned about heat
  12. You nailed it. No wonder i was fighting to keep my res temp at 68. Probably contributed to high cab temps too. It's off now. Thanks for that.
  13. no need for applause, just throw cash ;) hahahahahahhaha

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