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Is buying a bong worth it?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Superweener, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. Ok, so I get a certain amount of money each week. $40 at least goes to weed, but I'm sick of smoking out of my dirty pipe.

    Since I'm a cheap bastard, will buying a bong somewhere between $20-$30 be worth it?
  2. if your gunna get a bong you might as well spend atleast 50 dollars to get a bong.
  3. You can get a decent bong for around 40 - 50 bucks at you local head shop. It will be china glass but it will be cheap
  4. you wont find a good bong really anywhere for around 50$ itll basically be a bubbler. thats at a head shop i mean.

    check flea markets i know its a little rediculous lol but i got my nice ass china glass bong thats a foot tall.

    just doesnt draw very well lol.
  5. look online. there are some nice bongs in the $50 range.

    I broke my old bong not too long ago and can't afford a nicer bong at the moment so this has been my cheap replacement to get me by. very pleased with it. $55
  6. add a percolator to that and its a beast.

    great bong for the price
  7. maybe if you like acrylic bongs
    I would get more money and buy a glass
  8. Is breathing air worth it?
  9. Yea if your going to buy at a headsop then its going to be hard to get a bong that cheap... you can try online. you could get a cheap one online that is a beast
  10. bongs are definitely worth it imo. I wouldn't buy acrylic if i were you though. Glass tastes much better and is easier to clean. I would buy online, probably your best bet. Might have to save a bit though. Some good companies are pumping out some cheap glass, like weedstar and blaze glass. Despite their bad rep, they are completely worth the money, though they are indeed not comperable to a $400 ehle or toro
  11. buying a bong is definetly worth it hitting the bong is a compleatly different kind of high than a pipe and the thing about a bong is if u do chop shops a little bit of weed can last a long time u can get a shitty bong for about 40 bucks and u can pimp it out later i suggest buying an ash catch which makes even a shitty single perk bong become a awsome double perk
  12. YES it's worth it! Bongs hit way harder and get you way more ripped.

    They have a tiny one on here for $15 that works. Just put it through the dishwasher and peel off the blue coloring first or it will stink to high heaven. It's an ice bong (ice bongs are heaven) but beware the carb hole on it. But hey, for $15 you can't beat it! :wave:
  13. Agreed. Don't buy acrylic. Acrylic is shit. :bongin:
  14. It's reallllly worth it. They are so fun to smoke from and make group smoke seshes that much better. Save up a bit and get a nice glass one- you won't be disappointed.
  15. Anyone who owns a bong will say owning a bong is worth it.

    I love both my girls. You can click my sig to see one of them.
  16. That's a stupid question... OFCOURSE IT'S WORTH IT!:smoke:
  17. Noob question... why is having a percolator a must? I know nothing of bongs. Only use a vape right now.

  18. Percolators make your hits soo much smoother. :smoke:
  19. Its not a must. Just a preference.

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