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Is Butane Hash Oil That Much Better Than Traditional Hash?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by chills, May 29, 2013.

  1. traditional hash here is considered cold water extraction, bubble hash, sieving or other methods of making hash. 
    I've smoked both and I felt like bubble hash, liquid extracted hash is more potent than butane hash oil.  Really good traditional hash makes your nose freeze up when you take a hit.  I've never got this feelign with butane hash.  The highs seem different, also.  I just hate that bho is blowing up in my area and I haven't seen any traditional hash in a while.

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    They both have the potential to be just as pure when made right; but don't quote me I've never made bubble. However it is much easier to make very good BHO than it is to make very good bubble.
    Its a lot like the CD vs. Vinyl LP debate, BHO, like the Compact Disc, really has little room for error, either the butane got through the bud onto the plate or it didn't; whereas the ice water hash is like a record; you'll get a a pretty low quality product without a good amount of trial and error, adjustments, such and such; but when you do it can definitely equal or even surpass the CD, though thats based more in opinion than anything.
  3. All oil I've tried blows all the bubble I've tried out the water.  It's more potent.

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